2024 Tour de Cypress Update

We are four weeks out from our annual Tour de Cypress 20th Annual Bike Ride!  Some things to know:
  • Update T-Shirt size
    • Update list at the 22 March 2024 Rotary meeting
    • Contact Pat Wright or Diana Duckworth 
    • Comment to this story (click Tour de Cypress Update link above)
  • Be sure to check ClubRunner and sign up for TdC volunteer opportunities
  • Like and Share information about TdC on your social media platforms (TdC Facebook Page)
Thanks for all you do in making this event successful for our club and community!!
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Rotary Pancake Breakfast

The 2024 Annual Rotary Pancake Breakfast will be held Saturday, October 14 during Country Fest.  All Rotarians will be needed to help make this event the best it can be.  Please see Scott Lee or Nathan Reves for details and/or assignments.
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2023 TdC visit HH100

A group from the Rotary Club of Mount Vernon's Tour de Cypress bike ride traveled to Wichita Falls on Thursday, 24 August, to promote the TdC 20th Anniversary ride coming up in April 2024.  This was the first time in about ten years that a group has gone to the HotterN'Hell Bike Ride to promote Tour de Cypress Bike Ride.  In the past, our presence at HH100 helped us get the word out and attract new people to our ride. 
For the HH100 three day event, we decided to promote our ride by offering a HH100 discount.  We are excited to report that 12 cyclists signed up for our 20th anniversary ride in April 2024!!  While that doesn't sound like many, this is the first time for us to even attempt signing up participants before January 1.
A Bit About HH100
Back in 1982, Wichita Falls was celebrating their centennial.  A group of bicyclists proposed a bicycle ride, 100 miles in 100-degree heat to celebrate 100 years and came up with the name HotterN'Hell Hundred.  It is the largest 100-mile ride in the nation and typically has in excess of 10K riders EVERY year.  There are also hundreds of volunteers and it add approximately 5M dollars to the local economy.  The CamelBak hydration pack was even invented by a participant of the 1989 HH100 (who knew?)!
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TdC "Meredith Mile"

The “Meredith Mile” is inspired by our local football legend, “Dandy” Don Meredith, who played for Mount Vernon High School in the 1950’s and later quarterbacked for SMU and the Dallas Cowboys.  Don Meredith was an original member of the Monday Night Football broadcast team and additionally starred in several films and TV series.
For more about Don Meredith, check out this link Don Meredith - Wikipedia.
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The Rotary Club of Mount Vernon has utilized ClubRunner for our web presence for several years.  Considering we have six new members this year, it seems a good time to revisit using ClubRunner and introducing some of the options that can benefit all of us.
I encourage you to check out both the ClubRunner phone app and the web version, this is a very useful tool and a great way to keep up with our Rotary club.  Please do keep in mind that some features are not available when/if you use the Chrome browser on a Windows PC, suggested browser for Windows is MS Edge.
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Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is Rotary's leadership training program for high school students.
RYLA emphasizes leadership, citizenship, and personal growth, and aims to:

  • Demonstrate Rotary's respect and concern for youth
  • Provide an effective training experience for selected youth and potential leaders
  • Encourage leadership of youth by youth
  • Recognize publicly young people who are rendering service to their communities

​In 2023, the Mount Vernon Rotary Club sponsored four eleventh grade students to attend the RYLA weekend in February. The weekend spent at RYLA is an outstanding opportunity for students to fine-tune their leadership skills in a fun, extremely educational environment.

School counselors nominate eleventh graders from Mount Vernon High School for attendance. The final decision on sponsorships for this program is made by the Rotary Club RYLA Committee.

Eleventh grade students interested in RYLA should meet with their counselor for more information.

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Fun Memes

Posted by Diana Duckworth on Sep 21, 2022




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