On Saturday, November 12th, our Rotary District and several members of Montachusettes Area Rotary (Monty Broc) packed food for the critically hungry.
See inside for the full story and pics of us wearing red head nets!
Set up started at 10 and even though we helped set up, it still was not clear how this worked.
Funnel?  Check!  Bags? Check. Vitamin packets? Check. Box of rice? Check.  Dried vegetables that looked like children's cereal?  Check.  Soy protein in a box?  Check!  Scales? Check.  Empty boxes?  Check.
Now for the fun!  Open a bag and drop a vitamin bag into it.  Slide the bag up under the funnel.  Drop a cup of soy protein into the funnel followed by a tablespoon of drive veggies then a cup of rice.  Lower the bag at keep everything inside.  Had to the person that weighs the bag who removes some rice with a teaspoon or add some rice to make the bag fit into a confined weight.  Use a heat bar to seal the bag.  Voila!  Dinner for 6!
Several stations were set up and in just a few hours we had over 20,000 meals!