Paul Harris Fellows

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The Paul Harris Fellow recognition was created in memory of Paul Harris, the founder of Rotary, to show appreciation for contributions to the foundation's charitable and educational programs. A Paul Harris Fellow is someone who has contributed $1,000 or in whose name that amount has been contributed.

As of November 7, 2016 our club has  90 Paul Harris Fellows and several multiple Paul Harris Fellows.


James F. Adams, May 2013
David A. Amanti, December 1998
Paul Asselin *, March 2007
Loretta Baker-Pohl, June 1996
John Barclay, June 2011
Paul V. Barnes, December 1998
Mark D. Boardman*, June 2000
Lynn F. Boscher, January 1997
Barbara H. Braem, June 2003
Donald G. Buckley, May 1988
Richard M. Buzzee, June 2003
John Camerota, April 2010

William Caplin, January 1997
Anthony M. Cicero, June 2005
Deanna L. Clark, May 2012

Donald Clark, November 2016
William L. Clark *, January 1997
David (Chip) D. Colton, June 1998
John Conniff, June 2011
Chester A. Cook, May 1986
Kathleen Damon, May 2007
Jack Danahey, June 1986
Frank A. Danforth, March 2000
John T. Dean, November 2000
Eric E. Dirats, May 1995

Evan Dobelle, December 2002
Kevin Donovan, May 2006
Albert Ferst, June 1990
Louis Filios, June 1988
Eric J.Forish*, December 1998
Leonard T. Forish, May 1993
Clement D. Fucci, May 2007
John J. Gibbons, June 2005
George Gifford, November 1999
Jeffrey W. Glaze *, May 1993
John W. Glaze *, April 1986
Thomas A. Goodwin, September 1990
Gary L. Gover, June 1983
Robert T. Goyette, May 1992

Jennifer L. Gruszka, February 2016

Carl Hartdegen, June 2010
Cynthia P. Hartdegen, June 2008
Francis D. Horrigan, MD, May 2012

Donald F. Humason, Jr.  February 2014
Roland Jacobs, June 2005
Gerg Jerome, May 1997
Jack H. Klaubert, June 1994
Michael R. Knapik, June 1994
Arthur Knapp, September 2000
Theodore J. Koziol, May 1995
Gail Lagasse, May 2013
L. Douglas LaPlante,
Rene M. Laviolette,  April 2010
Lionel A. Lawrence, January 1981
Edward M. Lee, January 1982
Ann Lentini, June 2006
Marc Levine, December 1998
Thomas A. Liptak, June 1987
Cornelius D. Mahoney, November 1998
Louis Montefusco,May 1991
Lawrence Naftulin, August 1996
George D. O'Brien, May 1997

Sister Elizabeth Oleksak, February 2014
Donald Ouimette, May 1983
W. Rockne Palmer, May 1998
Kenneth S. Pease, July 1977
Robert F. Pease, January 1977

Kate Phelon, February 2000
Robert Plasse, June 2010
Robert A. Porter, May 1997
Edwin M. Renkowicz, September 1984
Wilson H. Rider, May 2007
Harry Rock, June 2004
James A. Rogers, June 1987
Abby Simchak, June 2010
Michael A. Sobczyk, May 2002
Lisa O. Sullivan, November 1998
Benjamin F. Surprise, May 2006
Joseph F. Tangocci, April 1986
Richard D. Teodore *, May 1998
Dawn Thomas, April 2010
Barbara G. Trant, June 2005
Anthony J. Vosburgh, December 1998
Carleton E. Walts, June 1994
Donald N. Weinle, December 1998
Marjorie M. Williams, June 1985
Maurice Wind, January 1978
Lauren Wright, June 2008
Alfred Zito, June 1985

*Multiple Paul Harris Fellow