July 1st Welcomes our New President
President Chuck.
In his address to the Club this week Chuck shared his goals for 2016 - 2017.
His entire speech is in the Story Content
Dear Fellow Cortland Rotarians and honored guests, it is great privilege for me to be standing before you today. You have given me a wonderful opportunity to be able to serve our Rotary Club as President, it is a role that will be a great challenge and I am humbled to have been chosen.  We have a great tradition of Service above Self.  Each President before me has continued to build and develop our Club into one that we are proud to serve. I accept this special role to be your leader and I give you my commitment today that I will dedicate my year to serving the ideals of Rotary and supporting each individual member of this Club.  I want to enable you to achieve your goals and expectations during this coming year. I will be at your service and will always be available to listen to you.  I will use my best efforts to make this year a memorable and fulfilling one for all of us.
I would like to start by thanking President Tom for his dedication and the time he has given selflessly in leading the club during this last year.  His guidance and knowledge of business and our community have made a lasting and positive impact on both myself and our club.   Thank you for sharing your time, talents and commitment to our club before your Presidency, during and your term from now forward. 
Thank Sheila, Nancy and Doug.
I know that my role is the one that takes responsibility for all our actions so I want thank all of you for the support and guidance that you will be giving me in the coming year.  I am human, I will make mistakes, but I won’t make many and I DO want you to tell me when I do….please!
My final thanks is to my dear wife Pamela, who puts up with my crazy ranting about politics, work, and just about anything else that I get passionate about.  But above all, she is the rock that supports my crazy life and allows me the opportunity for me to serve the community and this Rotary.
Our new Rotary International President, John Germ theme is 'Rotary Serving Humanity.'. This beautiful and meaningful theme is very relevant to our service work here in the community in Cortland County.  The theme can be integrated into all our work, whether it is internally within our Club or through our Service projects. I would like to be able to report back at the end of this year all the different ways in which we have supported RI’s theme.
My 7 Goals for the new Rotary year are :
  • Club Unity – the strength of our club lies in each members’ commitment to our motto Service above Self and to a feeling of unity within our Rotary family.  Whether it is in the good times when we work together on our projects or during the sad times when we have personal tragedies. I have always been so touched by the genuine care and affection that our members and partners in our club show to each other.
  • Communication - Each member has their own reason for being part of our Club. I recognize that each of you have individual expectations which I want to understand and try to meet them to the best of my ability. Good communication within the Club will help to bind us together. I want each one of you to know that I will always be ready to meet with you or listen to you, whether it is during our meetings or at other times.
  • Membership retention - is vitally important to retain a solid core for our Club and something we ALL must work on.  It should be easy if we listen, understand and support each other and the fundamentals of Rotary.
  • Fellowship - I want you to look forward to our Club meetings and to take active participation in our projects and in the plans for our club. I will make sure that we have plenty of fellowship to strengthen the friendship bonds that keep us together. We also will make sure that we have regular business meetings where you can bring your ideas to the Club and participate in the development and planning of your Club.
  • Membership development - is important for the long term future of our Club.  I believe that our future lies in developing an interest in Rotary from an early age. We need to bring in younger members that support and identify with our ideals and goals. To attract them we need to have a welcoming environment that looks after them and nurtures their growth into new leaders for the Club.  Nowadays many people do not have time to commit full time so Rotary international has opened up new ways to serve Rotary through Associate membership and Community core helpers.  We will be looking at ways that we can introduce these ideas to the Club.
  • Effective projects - By focusing on effective projects, where each member can be involved, we will continue to create an environment for community service work that will be rewarding not only to the recipient but also to the giver. The Committees tasks in identifying and supporting projects which are well managed and sustainable will enable the maximum benefit to reach those in need.  Protecting and strengthening our major events is critical for our current funding. I am asking each one of you to continue to supply your valuable time whether as volunteer on the event days or acting as Trustees. These tasks, as with all Community work, seem to be thankless but essential if we wish to support those in need.
  • Promotion of our Rotary work - It is fine for us to work so hard but we need to promote what we do to attract more members. The development of our Club website by will enable us to promote our activities. We will also try to maximize our exposure through newspapers, and online media.
“We have great challenges and great opportunities, and with your help, we will meet them and make this next year the best year in our history!”
I will close with this well-known saying “Let there be Peace on Earth, let it begin with me”. Thank you.