Each year Loveland Thompson Valley Rotary (LTVR) introduces a new heart for you to place in your garden, flower pot,
houseplant planter or anywhere you want to add a smile to your home.

The heart design changes each year. It will be commissioned from a high school art student within the Thompson School District
and benefit a local NoCo charity. All profits from the sales of the hearts goes directly to the charity designated for that year,
which for 2022 is Loveland Youth Gardeners.

2022 FEATURED ARTIST: Dylan Goode
Dylan was born in Sarasota, Florida and moved to Loveland, Colorado when he was four. At that age he already loved art and spent a lot of time drawing cars
with his dad. He graduated from Mountain View High School class of 2022. He received the Border States Scholarship along with the Loveland Rotary Club’s Dan Chenowith Scholarship.
Dylan will be attend the University of Northern Colorado in the fall majoring in studio art with a focus on drawing and minoring in entrepreneurship with a certificate in digital marketing.
If you are interested in purchasing the 2022 Garden Heart please email thompsonvalleyrotary@gmail.com