Each year Loveland Thompson Valley Rotary (LTVR) will be introducing a new heart for you to place in your garden, flower pot, houseplant planter or anywhere you want to add a smile to your home.

The heart design will change each year. It will be commissioned from a high school art student within the Thompson School District, fabricated by a NoCo metal art studio and benefit a local NoCo charity. All profits from the sales of the hearts goes directly to the charity designated for that year. This year over $40 of each sale will benefit the 2021 charity, Alternatives to Violence.
Please email Ann for more information: annboian@icloud.com

2021 FEATURED ARTIST: Haley Lawton
Haley is a born and raised Lovelander. She graduated from Thompson Valley High School, Class of 2021.  While at Thompson Valley she completed the AP Capstone diploma. Haley also received a Silver Medal from Scholastic’s National Art and Writing Awards and the Loveland Rotary Club’s Dan Chenowith Scholarship. Haley will be attending The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the Fall majoring in studio fine arts with a focus on painting.