Safeguard your identity and support community service projects.

This is the third semi-annual Shred It community service fundraiser provided by the West Seneca Rotary.

It is a safe and convenient way to destroy documents that contain personal information.

Rotarians will be on duty to help unload your boxes.

You can watch the documents being dumped into the shredder’s hopper.

Donation of $10/ file box (10X11X15).

Cash, check, credit card accepted.

Receipts available.


West Seneca Rotary presents the spring Community Shred-it event on Saturday, April 30, 2016.

Safely get rid of your old outdated paper work containing confidential information. Old paperwork that puts you at risk includes: credit card receipts, health reports, tax preparation material, personal, legal and business papers; anything that includes name, address, telephone number and/or social security number. This service destroys the papers and keeps your identity confidential.

Your donation for this service helps the West Seneca Rotary develop and deliver community service projects, offer scholarships to local students and support the local food pantry.

Often the local Rotary works with other Rotarians around the world. For example, Rotarians work to provide clean and safe drinking water. We take clean water for granted here in Western New York. However, in too many places around the globe clean water is difficult or impossible to find. Rotary projects fund drilling of water wells, building storage tanks, installing filtration and sanitation systems to hospitals, schools and homes.

The Shred It event happens on Saturday, April 30, 2016, 9am to noon at the Southgate Plaza, Union Road, West Seneca (under the Southgate Plaza pylon sign).

Rotarians will be on duty to help unload boxes. You can watch your unwanted paper being dumped into the shredders hopper.

Donation to West Seneca Rotary is $10.00 per file box (10x11x15). Cash, check, and credit card accepted (receipts available)

For further information: Larry Rose at 716-474-7748, visit web page or