The West Seneca Public Library is expanding, renovating and positioning for the future. The Library is a critical information and cultural resource for the community  and the Rotary is pledged to provide support.West Seneca Rotary is consulting and planning strategies for enhanced involvement.
Members of the West Seneca Rotary Leadership Team had a meet-and-greet with librarians, library board members and members of the Friends of the Library. The reasons for the meeting included: getting to know one another and understand the characters who are guiding the library's future; tour and review the current resources and services of the library (the Library has evolved into a 21st century information and service center); get a view, technical drawings and renderings, of the schematics  for the expansion and enhancement; share a meal, exchange ideas and resolve understanding.
The West Seneca Rotary is engaged in consultations to determine how to most effectively engage in providing "legecy-level" support.