Big Thank You to all the staff involved in this years Milford Rotary Club's Annual Red Cross Swim Program that ended last Friday at the Fino Field Pool. Based on feedback from some of the parents, we can be very proud of this years team that worked with about 80 swimmers who signed up for the two week session. Popped down last Friday and grabbe a few photos to share. 
The instructor photos does not include all instructors as they rotate schedules. Pictured left to right-back row: Morgan Smith, Alex Autenzio, Pietro Bon Tempo, Ashby Hobart, Ryan Nesta, Hannah Bangert,and Mia Sciba. Front Row: Elena Bon Tempo, and Kaitlyn Russo. Not working at time of the photo: Eli Moore, Gillieson Hobart, Betsy Scrimmgour, Pietro BonTempo, Emilia BonTempo, Piper Terril, Sofia BonTempo and Nick Monica. 
Rotary would like to extend a special thanks to Peter Filosa and Ron Santacroce, without their help, Rotary could not offer the Summer Swim program. 
And a big thanks to the Town of Milford for allowing Rotary to use the Fino Field Pool.
And one last big thank you to all the parents and grandparents who sign up the swimmers.


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