I would like to start by thanking every Rotarian in Mid-Bergen and in our district 7490 for being there for those in need.
There are many wonderful people in this club with great energy helping to create a better life for those in need around the world.
Over the years I have been involved with many community groups, but nowhere have I met better people than the members of this club.
I want to thank my husband Cesar and my son JM both of whom helped out a lot during this Journey and also....
  • Our board for their commitment to the club, for all their hard work
  • Our committees and committee chairs for doing the actual work of the club and for bringing in new members.
  • Our club members for rising to the occasion when called upon. Your ongoing support is an inspiration to others.
  • Our District Governor John Susani and PDG Carl Hassett for their guidance, positive attitude and encouragement during the last 2 years
  • Sharon Smith who put in a lot of time and effort in every aspect of making our Club the number # 1 Rotary Club  and who has been my mentor and dear friend getting through with all the hands on hard work during this time.
I am not going to try to highlight all our accomplishments for the past 2 years, but there are a few that must be mentioned.
Our E-Club's  commitment to service
Gift of Life initiatives in the country and abroad
Maternity Packages through my own initiative with the Baby Bundle and acquiring DDF fund’s from District in Support of the program so much was done with our PDG Carl Hassett and  the Disaster Aid relief in our country and abroad Our Rotarians stepped up during the pandemic to deliver food to healthcare professionals we were there for the domestic abuse victims we took a part in Environmental projects held Toy drives during the holidays we were there with Military assistance and helped disadvantaged people in our community.
Our own Joe Laureni, PDG was so busy writing up Grants with applications in progress for a Gift of Life grant for the Ukraine for sponsoring operations in Ukraine and developing a Pediatric Program in Bolivia - Mid-Bergen & La Paz Sur – hundreds of thousands of dollars are being distributed to help children around the world in saving lives as well as Ruth Nebiar who took her time to travel during the pandemic to make sure the children were able to get the help the needed, so many lives were saved. KUDOS to GIFT OF LIFE and all they do let our Club continue to support this mission as so many lives are saved.
We also did the online auction fund raiser successfully twice to support those in need as we were unable to do our main Beefsteak fundraiser  due to the pandemic. Thank  you to all who participated and to our incoming President Jill Abbott as she was essential in this fundraiser as well as I must mention that we secured so many SPONSORS who gave us the goods for the auction and we are great full for their continued support.
This last 2 year’s success I can not take all the credit for as our past President Luisa Corallo gave us so much of her time and lead us through the difficult pandemic times. 
My main personal goal was for us all to have fun together while supporting the things that matter to us and this has been a rewarding and an inspiring experience.
I thank you for the support you gave me.
Mia  Forsberg-Villon
“Service Above Self”
Proud member of the Mid-Bergen Rotary