Claire spoke to us recently regarding her Rotary vocational Training Trip to USA and Canada. Those members away missed one of the most animated speakers we have experienced for some time; a dynamic talk complete with live sound effects and visuals to support her presentation.
It was difficult for me to both enjoy the moment, and to make some notes to pass on to you.
Some of the highlights were;
Yahoo's data farm - 6 times the size of Ravendale oval, where among other things your emails are stored multiple times to safeguard against accidental loss.
Marijuana Farms - Max. of 1 hectare each with high fences.
Pine Forests - where the pine beetle is destroying whole forests.
Winery Visits - winery visits, winery visits!
Canada's Largest Cattle Ranch - 1 million acres, 8% irrigated. 20,000 cattle, and cowboys!
Well done Claire!