Week 2
Clubrunner Tips
Admin Page
Have a good look around the “ADMIN” page. You get to it by logging onto our Clubrunner sight (refer to last week’s tips for log on information). Once you have logged on you will see the “ADMIN” clickable sign at the top of the home page on the right above the banner. Click onto it and it will take you to the administration page.
The bit that you need to become familiar with for just the basic information is the first block of options which is the “My Clubrunner” list. This is in fact your very own personalised part of your club.
The headings are self evident and each one will take you deeper into the information and tools you will want to use. The very useful links are “My Commitments”, “View Club Directory”, “Email message Centre”, “View Club Documents”, and “My Committees”,
Have a go! You won’t break anything.