Your  Clubrunner Tips.
Week 1.
The Rotary Club of Port Lincoln website.
Why do we need to change and why do we need a web site?
A few dedicated Rotarians put a lot of work into getting our club to run efficiently through the use of modern communications but for this to work the way it is designed to work we need all members to be able to feel comfortable in using our internet website. It may take a little bit of work on your part to make it easy for you to use and the administration to function.
You see, the easiest way to have good communications is to have all of our club information available to all members at any time in the one location and all of the information being accurate and timely.
There is a lot of Club and Rotary information and you may only need a fraction of it in your day to day Rotary life such as the details of the next meeting and what your particular duties are but you may need to know how to run one of our major fundraising activities or get involved with district or RI and so whatever your part the information you require should be available to you.
So, The first thing you need to be able to do is to be informed about the next meeting or event and what your part, if any, you will be playing in the success of it. This information is now made available to you electronically by your weekly e Bulletin which is emailed to you. To access it you need to check your email in box once a week and you should print it and give a copy to your wife or partner to remind you of what you are doing this week. On the bottom of the personalised bulletin is a list of jobs you are to do.
Thank you for your participation and please do not hesitate to ask any questions about the newsletter.  If you like you can contribute an article to it yourself even if it is a simple question you can get a discussion going on the newsletter.  Just go to your browser (Google,Firefox, Explorer etc.) and type in Rotary Port Lincoln and when the list comes up click on to the club’s site, then log in by clicking onto the login sign up in the top right hand corner above the club banner and then (if you cannot recall your log in name or password phone me) click onto the “admin” sign in the same location as the “log in” and then in the second blue panel down (Website Manager) is the “edit stories” tab which is the third one in the list, just click onto that and after your computer thinks about it for a little while the stories window will appear listing all of the stories that have been added to it by members. The next step is to click onto the “Create new story” tab which appears in yellow on the top right of the list of stories.
In the add a new story window that will appear you can cut and paste a story that you have prepared in word or whatever programme you have used then follow the prompts. Simple! Have a go.