Posted by Dave Gillies on Apr 20, 2017
Thanks to Rotary
To all who were present and a part of the Port Lincoln Rotary Club food tent at the Teakle Auto Sprints;
I just wanted write a small note of thanks to you all for allowing Ben (David and Jackie Johnston's Grandson) to be a part of the Rotary team serving at the tent. I am so grateful to you all for showing him the meaning of "Community" and working together selflessly; It is a true gift that you have given. As a Mother of a son who could easily be bombarded by the negative influences of the world today, I am so grateful to you all for showing him and allowing him to be a part of such a lovely group of people working so hard and selflessly for their community. It is something that you should all be very proud of; making such a positive difference, not just in the local community but if I may be as bold to say; the world.....Thank you again!!
Yours Sincerely,
Linda True-Arrow