Posted by Dave Gillies on Apr 15, 2018
Rotary President Elect training.
I attended the combined District (9500 and 9520) President Elect training in Adelaide last weekend representing Port Lincoln  (7 and 8 of April).   While a lot stays the same there is also a lot change at the RI level.  Some of the most important changes to Rotary rules are the club can now choose to meet fortnightly if they wish.  Also Rotarians are not required to attend any meeting provided they do community service in lieu.  Rotarian are only required to attend 50% of meetings or 12 hours of community service over a 6 month period or a combination of the two.  This opens up opportunities to recruit new members, who in the past have not been able to attend meetings.  Also it is important to remember that community service can include admin work on programs like youth exchange, RYLA, NYSF etc.
President Dave.
Leading Rotary Now (LRN) is now open for registration and there are three options to choose from:
  • Adelaide 28th April,
  • Whyalla 6th May or
  • Alice Springs 26th May
Details of these events are listed on the document attached, which shows the reasons why you should attend and options regarding the location, times and the program. You may attend any one of the LRNs but if possible the same location as your AG.
To register please click here image choosing the location that best suits you.
(NB In addition to the above, President’s Elect for Whyalla, Port Augusta, Peterborough and Alice Springs will receive a separate communication regarding a mini PETS planned for the day before the above dates)
Also attached is the agenda for the business session which is part of all location LRNs.
  • In this session the District Management Team will seek your approval for the 2018/19 budget (attached) and the other matters listed on the business session agenda.
  • Each Club should nominate one of their attendees to vote on their behalf and that person should advise of their appointment to incoming Secretary Jacqui Atyeo upon arrival.
  • This budget reflects the impact of our District’s falling membership numbers whilst insurance, national training and district administration costs remain the same or rise; it emphasises the need to regain economies of scale, which of course will occur as we move towards the new District (9510).
  • The Budget attachment also shows the proposed and historical summary of District Dues.
  • Both the budget and proposed dues have been formulated after considerable discussion and evaluation by members of the District Management & Finance Committee; in this regard if you have any enquiries on either the budget or dues please don’t hesitate to email District Treasurer Stephen Noble on prior to the Adelaide LRN (28th April).
As previously advised Rotary and our District in particular, is at a crossroad and your attendance at this LRN will ensure you are well placed and better equipped to be part of the journey to ensure our great organisation adapts and flourishes for another 100 years.
I am looking forward to your attendance so please register now and encourage other Rotarians or Rotaractors whom you think might be interested to come along. If so just forward this email onto them so that they register.