Posted on Apr 21, 2018
Armistice Community Group
 The District Council of Lower Eyre Peninsula voted to allow the construction of the proposed revised Memorial to be built at the beginning of Gallipoli Beach Road on land administered by Council. 
Whilst there is a site change from the northern end to the southern end of Gallipoli Beach, from Lot 53 (Crown Land) to the adjacent Lot 6 (Council administration) the move will avoid any land ownership issues with Crown Lands and financial issues that go with it.
I advise that we have included the Bendigo Bank and PL Rotary Club in the design of one of the permanent Bronze Plaques.
Hi Kerry,
Thought I'd contact you to ask how the memorial project is going; and if you have an 'unveiling' date.
Colin West
Hi Colin we have been waiting for about 6 weeks on the memorial wall engineering. Stassi engineering whyalla.
The wall is about 1100 high so law requires engineering.
I spoke to lowe redding as recently as friday and they again phoned Stassi and were told Monday.
We have the bronze plaques about to be sent from melbourne ....tomorrow or friday hopefully on display at the hall wednesday.
The lettering for the front is here .
100 years of Anzac.
Council cannot approve project until they get engineering back.
Yesterday we secured the Nauo people representation at Gallipoli and the Hall.
The unveiling of the wall will probably now be Remembrance day Sunday November 11th ...Sadly.