See in 'read more' minutes of December meeting.
David Forbes, Chris Cottrell, Craig Faulkhead, Brian Turvey, Cathy Baily, Juri Berzins, Brett Klau
Kay Ajao, Bill Stenson, Tony Stockham, Daniel Schubert
Previous minutes accepted by Juri Berzins; 2nd by Chris Cottrell
Business Arising from Previous Minutes:
-Backpackers Meeting
-To be discussed further, Chris to follow up with owners.
-To be pursued in the New Year
Coffin Bay Trip
-Was a successful weekend thanks to the efforts of David Forbes and all involved, promoted fellowship between members.
Tunarama Stall
-Appears to be under control
Farmers Market
-Geoff Rayson collating
Pride of Workmanship
-Craig arranging guest speakers: John Lynch (Royal Flying Doctors) and/or Ray Wells.
-Date: to be confirmed
Vending Machines
-Under Control, possibility of moving machines from Harvey Norman to PL Visitor Info Centre, will advise if help is required
Mega’s BBQ
-Under control, Chris will liaise with Noel Jenkins.
Fund Raising
-On hold until the New Year
-Juri will liaise with Wendy Cape re. bushfire assistance, will get back in touch in early 2016 to assess requirements from both sides ie. Rotary and Blaze Aid.
-Pursuing film nights, car rally etc., in the early New Year.
-A local fishing event to be organised, possibly a 4WD event through Coffin Bay National Park.
-Farmers Market monies to be allocated to Variety Bash and Fire Relief Fund
-To look at targeting individual businesses to get 1 individual from each of the retail sector. --Also continue to email prospective members and inviting them to forthcoming casual events outside of normal meetings. David, Brian and Juri to discuss it further.
Meeting Procedure
-The meeting procedure was discussed by all; guest speaker getting a book, the speaker then draws a raffle for wine to members, is this appropriate and can we improve and upgrade.
-Fireside meetings were discussed at length (venue, timing changes etc.)
-It was suggested that the committee be absent for one club meeting a month to do their own thing eg. fireside meeting in lieu of a normal meeting ­­­as a trial in January/February. ------Time and approved by the board to be arranged.
Motion put by David Forbes, 2nd Craig Faulkhead
All in Favour – Carried.
Meeting closed at 5.40pm