Hey Adrian, Margaret and my dear host club,
Been too long since i wrote you guys! I've been ridiculously busy between work, school and music. I'm still studying and hopefully graduating next year as a travel agent and a tourist guide. I still work at our family's clothing store, though at the moment I'm running my own little outlet for a couple of months. When i got back, a band found me and asked me to  sing for them so ever since i've had gigs at concerts, birthdays, weddings etc, i really enjoy it!
My familys all good.  even though i moved out to my own apartment, i still keep going to mum's and empty the fridge and do my laundry haha!
My little sister Linda just turned 1 and she's growing up so fast. My brothers very keen preparing his own exchange, hes dying to come to Australia next year! That way i would have a great excuse to break Adrian's "don't come back before we recover from your stay"-rule and visit Aus again haha!
Although I will do it anyway, i miss all you guys, my families and my aussie home more and more everyday! I've been sorting out my future plans a lot, but i suppose it would be the best if i came back after i graduate, so i could stay as long as i want and maybe even work there for a while...

Anyway, I hope you guys are all good, hows things in Lincoln? What you and Marg have been up to, travelling this year as well?
I saw on facebook that Chloe was on the safari tour, bet she had a blast as usually, seems like shes loving life in Lincoln, tell her i said hi!
Cant wait to hear back from you, hope to see you very very soon,
Love & miss you !!!
Xxxxxxx, Emma