Hi Rotarians
 We are looking for at least 5 or six or more volunteers to go up to Lake Hamilton Station for the week 14th of April to help the Nosworthy family repair and rebuild fences damaged or destroyed in the fire of Feb 2014. I thought we could leave Lincoln about 9- 30am – 10 am on the 14th and return after lunch on the Thursday, bearing in mind it is Easter week. Bill Nosworthy has shearers quarters to sleep 6 people and he said those wanting to bring vans or trailers would’nt be a problem.
 I have also spoken with Michelle Nuske at Hillsea Station which also suffered extensive fence damage. Michelle said they have a house which we could use also to stay in while we are up there,it has kitchen facilities and fridge etc plus shower and toilet,she also said there is a nice area for vans by the Hillsea homestead. The Nuske’s would really appreciate help also and Michelle said she would love to supply all meals other than breakfast to the volunteers. Because of shearing and crutching at their various properties they would like us to go up there in the first or second week of May, so we will see what we can organise for then and what numbers we have available.
 Our role will most probably be rolling up a bit of old netting ,tying on new wire and putting up post’s or droppers (not digging post holes) so it does’nt sound to stressful, Michelle even mentioned throwing the fishing gear in as it is close to Sheringa Beach.
 If you have fencing pliers and a hammer and gloves they would be useful.
 Hope we can muster up a couple of crews to help out as it will be good for Rotary Fellowship as well as helping someone in need out, if you need additional information give me a call by phone or email.
John Myers