Rotary gives the bowls clubs a Defibrillator

Sudden Cardiac Arrest strikes around 30,000 people every year,  that is on average 82 people every day in Australia alone!   
Sudden Cardiac Arrest can occur to anyone of any age, even if they have no underlying heart conditions. 
The first 3-5 minutes are vital, if an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) is attached and used within these first precious minutes, the casualty will have a 50%  - 75% chance of revival. 
Every minute after that will decrease revival rate by a further 10%.   Paramedics will bring an AED in their ambulance, but vital time could be lost.
Rotary purchased the Defibtech Lifeline, Semi-Automatic Defibrillator because it is manufactured to military standards to resist such things as dust, water, shock and vibration and therefore can be used on the bowling green in any weather.
The AED machines are designed to be user friendly to non-trained bystanders but Rotary considered it important to provide backup training to the bowlers to ensure they were confident and comfortable in using the defibrillator.
Kylie Malota from Port Lincoln Training will provide free training to the bowls club members. 
Pictured below is Past President of the Rotary Club of Port Lincoln, Bill Watkins presenting Peter Myers, President of the Port Lincoln bowls club, the Defibrillator.

Rotary will also give a Defibrillator to the Kirton bowling club.