See in 'read more' minutes of September meeting.
Held on the 15th of September at 5.10 PM, at the Port Lincoln hotel.
D Gillies, J Myers, J Kay, G Jones, B Turvey and G Karutz
A Glover
Resolved the minutes of the meeting held 25/8/ 15 are true and correct.
Business Arising
  • Birthday cards, Di West has volunteered.
  • Melbourne Cup Trifecta – Malcolm Schluter and Greg Patterson will do this.
  • Glenn Karutz gave a power point presentation on our club’s partnership projects to the District Governor and R.I. Director
  • RC Unley  carers workshop in Port Lincoln, moved Greg Jones, seconded Jim Kay that we contribute $500 to the project.
Secretary Report / Correspondence
  • Mental Illness Fellowship SA seeking support.
  • Safe Meat re changes to livestock production assurance program and national vendor declarations.
  • Moved Glenn Karutz, seconded Greg Jones correspondence be accepted, carried
Treasurers Report 
  • Report tabled.
  • Annual subs unpaid discussed, resolved to offer Peter Obrien, Kuno Seeman and Reg Kemp honorary membership in lieu of their active membership.
  • Resolved treasurer report be accepted.
Greg Jones
  • NYSF, Greg has been in contact with Tobias Threadgold and Tobias attended a briefing in Adelaide.  Resolved to pay the invoice for the program and recover Tobias’s contribution of $1495.00 from him.   Pat has arranged for Tobias to talk to the club on the 27th of October.
  • Longreach school donation has been paid but no confirmation / thanks has been received, John to follow up with them.
  • David Johnston has applied for a Bendigo Bank grant for the Science and Engineering Challenge in 2016.
  • Amalie’s welcome BBQ on the 20th of September, not many going at this stage.
  • Some repairs to the Bendigo tents will be done by Brian Lowe.
  • Dave and Greg met with Muroto exchange group and offered Rotary support for their grant application and a promise of $500.00 to the project if they are successful.
  • Youth exchange briefing in Adelaide was good.
  • Resolved to send a card to the Stensons re Jackie’s Mum.
Brian Turvey
  • Minutes tabled.
  • Meeting trial was success but maybe July and August only in the future.
  • Some discussion on applying for local award.
  • Rotary open day discussed.
  • More advertising was discussed eg Lions TV ad.
Dave and Jim for Brian Lowe
  • Meeting held 8.9.15.
  • Meeting trial was success for July, August and September only.
General Business
  • Big Tuna art work, Jim Kay gave a run down of his investigation re cost of artist drawing to be able to present, $1500 from Ken Martin, Jim to approach the council re contribution.
  • John is still investigating what the ongoing commitment would be for the local youth leaders program.
  • John has written the Port Lincoln City Council re the rehabilitation of the sheep paddock.
  • John to follow up membership with John Balderseria.
Next Meeting
  • TBA.
Meeting closed 6:20 pm.