Held on 4th December 2012 at Ravendale Community Sports Centre
at 7.15 p.m.
Present:  Kay Ajao, K Burner, A Burrows, P Callaghan, D Gillies, A Glover, A Griffen, N Jenkins, D Johnston, G Karutz, H Mould, M Munro, P Myers, G Patterson, D Pinson, M Schluter, B Stenson, C Stone, T Doyle, D Forbes, B Franco, R Kemp, M Lubcke, I Phillips, K Seaman, S Stenson, G Honeychurch, C West, G Penfold, G Jones, N Welfare, K Warren, G Preston, H Mould, B Watkins, M Leech, I Ward, J Hancox.
 Apologies: None officially recorded.
 Minutes of meeting held 6/12/2011 are a true record I Phillips/J Hancox CARRIED
 Business Arising:  Nil
 Treasurers Report: G Penfold tabled report. Club Funds as at 30th November 2012 $63,366 ($51346 Project & $12020 General)
Report be accepted  G Penfold/G Patterson.   CARRIED
 Directors Reports: Juri, Hamish, Ian and Adrian presented brief reports to club. Club running along well but noted no new members inducted.
 Presidents Report: President Dave thanked all who have given assistance particularly for web site, programmes, youth exchange, vending machines, seniors day.
Year has been particularly frustrating with no one nominating for president in 2013/14 year. Made appeal for nominee to come forward.
Also suggested that members identify a major project for the club.
Report be accepted  D Gillies/ D Johnston.  CARRIED
 General Business:-            President 2013/14                             No nomination
                                                President elect 2014/15                   A Glover
                                                Secretary 2013/14                             No nomination
                                                Treasurer 2013/14                             G Penfold
                                                Vice President 2013/14                    No nomination
                                    Directors 2013/14      J Myers, H Mould, G Honeychurch
            Nominations be accepted  D Gillies/ K Seaman  CARRIED
 Dave again pleaded for nominations to fill the various vacancies.
 No other matters raised.
 Meeting closed at 7.45 p.m.