Recently Rotary was visited by Robyn Rowsell from EFM Gym, who conducted a weight loss/gain competition over Xmas and decided that the money raised should go to the Pinery fire donations by way of Rotary. The competition involved members weighing in before and after Christmas, each having put up $10 that was either forfeited or kept depending on the results of the weigh in after Christmas, It seems that one of the crafty Rotarians secreted a 2kg weight in his pocket on the weigh in before Christmas but not after so it would appear that he had actually lost weight over the festive season. He obviously owned up in time to have his money included in the $225 that  Ms Rowsell handed to President John Myers for inclusion with Rotary money.
Yesterday President John made a donation of $1225 to the Pinery fire recovery and the club is well on the way to planning a hands on visit as the needs become clearer.
President John also donated $500 to the Runaway Brides to go towards the Childrens Variety Charity at the same time, these donations were made by Electronic Transfer which eliminates the possibility of a photograph which usually happens at the handover of a cheque or cash.
Either way the good work still goes on, we are all fortunate that so many of our citizens are willing and able to volunteer and all of the people who support the volunteers by purchasing their goods and services