On Tuesday 17th November Sandra Lukin and Deb White were the guest speakers at the Rotary dinner meeting; they will be a hard act for anyone to follow.
Sandra has competed in ten variety bashes and Deb four, the primary aim  of the organisation is to raise money that is ultimately distributed to children  and their families that are either disabled, isolated or somehow are missing out on what everyone else accepts as normal.
The organisation has raised in excess of $2 million for the past two years and that is a result of the ongoing efforts of the volunteers who work all year raising money and then the years culminates in an outback bash, and how.
It is obvious that participants have some fun but on the other hand they do an immense amount of good and bring a lot of relief to children and families that may otherwise miss out.
Sandra has raised over $250,000 over the years and at the time of writing is looking for two more interested women to participate in 2016. Each car is themed and her car is filled with Run Away Brides who seem to keep coming back, they are currently running a raffle for a camper trailer if you see it out and about please support this eminently worthwhile cause.