Readers may remember that before Christmas we told you that Tobias Threadgold had secured a hotly contested place at the Summer Science Forum held in Canberra for some 400 keen students from all over Australia.  Rotary is a major sponsor of this event but students pay for half their own way.
When Tobias left he thought that he would persue Veterinary Science as a career, now that he has had a closer look at what the Forum had to offer he is more convinced than ever and will study longer before he starts practising as a Vet.
The students were split into interest groups and undertook field trips to farms and other places that use science as part of their operational procedures .Tobias is passionate about nature and the environment, so his exposure to plant and animal biology really got his attention.
The students lived and studied in groups for two weeks and consequently have made friendships that will last through their working and social lives. Tobias has had 10 months exchange in Japan previously and equates his Summer Science Forum as the equivalent or better than his time in Japan.
They were able to use Skype to contact scientists on the Investigator a ship studying volcanic vents well south of Australia and contacted scientists operating the Great Hadron Collider. He was able to relate many of his experiences to Rotary members who had sponsored his trip to Canberra and claimed that this is the most eye opening and best experience he has ever had.
The Summer Science Forum runs each year and students are selected to attend on their ability, Rotarians will be able to assist anyone interested in trying to obtain a place.