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Minutes of Service Projects Committee Meeting 17 May 2016
In attendance
Peter Myers, Mike Munro, Janet Grocke, Bob Sorrensen and Geoff Rayson
Location:- Meeting held at Di Drennan & Geoff Rayson's home.
Riding for the Disabled (RDA) has completed an infrastructure audit, reviewing the structural, plumbing and electrical integrity to ensure it is legal and safe, as part of its strategic planning.  This has been submitted to Council for review.  Council has acted on the Rotary Club request and extended the lease to seven plus seven plus seven years (21), the longest possible without gaining Ministerial approval.  Susan Hooker said there is still more demand than can currently be supplied and heat and rain both see some sessions cancelled.
There is a locally made film to be released soon featuring the RDA and it will be shown at Youthoria.  Geoff will contact regarding availability of seats and encourage Rotarians to go to get a better understanding of the service.  Alternatively we may be able to borrow and show it at a Rotary Meeting.  Geoff Rayson to organise.
Golf Day
The Rotary Golf Day was discussed and it was decided to approach the Police Golf Day coordinator and discuss the idea of sharing the day (and the name) and running it annually.  Mike Munro and Janet Grocke will pursue this.
West Coast Youth and Community Services
Youth Hub: Mike reported that plans for upgrade of the Youth Hub are back with Geoff Eime for revision following confirmation of Council needs.  It is urgent that his project be completed soon to preserve funding commitments.
Youth Homeless Shelter: The 10 Whaite Street homeless shelter is complete and furnished and will be opened on 31 May by Minister Zoe Bettison.  Mike has been involved and assisting and will have Rotary Banners erected on the day. Mike will organise for a number of Rotarians to be present.  Service Projects Committee has the task of cooking a barbecue lunch.  It was decided that there may be a small crowd and that it would be less fuss to arrange some finger food.  Geoff Rayson will arrange this with Jo Clark.
Theatre Seats: Mike Munro has arranged pick up of the seats from Odeon Theatre Semaphore and delivery to Youthoria in June.  He is investigating the packaging method and how to get them into the downstairs section of the Theatre for interim storage. 
Royal Flying Doctor Service
A potential major project was mentioned by John Lynch, guest speaker at the Pride of Workmanship night.  There is potential to operate a RFDS regional depot at Port Lincoln.  Geoff Rayson will approach local RFDS Bill Whitbread to discuss.
Parnkalla Trail Upgrade
No funding source has been identified however Council is looking to raise corporate sponsorship for upgrade of another section of the trail.
Recognising Sponsors
Mike Munro will invite major sponsors and honorary members to the Handover Dinner.
Dr Fletcher Memorial
Geoff will approach the Secretary to investigate what was given to Dr Fletcher on his departure from the Club.  Once we know, Janet and Kathy will approach his family regarding a suitable memorial. 
Culinary Challenge
We have an invitation to send a team of school students to Adelaide to participate in the Culinary Challenge.  Mike Munro will investigate funding needs and sources.
Community House
No progress yet on sending a letter to Government expressing our contention that, following our meeting there, we believe Community House is a very valuable organisation and service and recommend them to Government for financial support.  It should not have to compete for funding to deliver services it delivers so well.    Ron Carey and Community House may be able to assist with the letter, Geoff to progress.
Closing the Gap
Mike Munro has plans to pursue an Indigenous closing the gap project in his year of Presidency.  Mark Comas has good skills to assist and last meeting there was a suggestion that Russel Ebert from Port Adelaide football club is a great speaker and ambassador and may be able to present to a Meeting.
The Club sheep are in Mike Leech's paddock and are currently lambing (19 ewes, three large lambs, five small lambs and one ram.  Feed is short but may see us through if rain comes soon.
Poonindie Block
The Rotary leased block of land at the Airport is rough and has a large area of carpet weed and is commencing to salinize.  We need Council to improve drainage and level worst areas.  It would probably be best to 'sub-lease' for free for three years to a farmer who has machinery, under the proviso that they work the land to level it and plant a pasture.  Geoff Rayson will investigate if a nearby farmer is interested.
Fireside Meetings
The benefit of fireside meetings was agreed and Mike Munro will look to reintroduce the rule of not having a speaker on fireside meeting night.  Next Meeting June 7.