Welcome to our 3rd edition of our Life's a Circus newsletter (can you believe that a whole 5 months has zoomed on by since I last had a chance to provide an update on our project?)
You might like to grab a coffee, settle in, and enjoy the update on our Mentally Fit EP Project because it sure is blowing our minds and becoming bigger and better then we possibly could have ever imagined.
We look forward to receiving your feedback and to continue making a positive difference to the mental health of our local communities.
Please find attached the latest newsletter, and the Take Charge of Your Life statistics that Sue Berry created as a handout at the Walk the Talk Conference in Port Lincoln.
Feel free to shoot any questions/ideas/feedback to myself, kirsty.arnold88@gmail.com
Please also feel free to forward this email onto your contact lists - we hope to share our newsletter and pride in our project far and wide!
I will do my best to reply as soon as possible (although I only work 2.5 days so please be patient if you don't receive a reply straight away!)
Kind regards,
Kirsty Traeger (Community Development Officer from WCYCS) and Sue Berry (Family Counsellor and Take Charge of Your Life course facilitator!)