Posted by Colin West on Jul 15, 2018
RDA are seeking help to move kids around.
Hi Colin
Here is some information about the "bus driver/s" that RDA are looking for to help out with the picking up & dropping off of students for the lessons. It would work well on a roster basis..maybe some of the wives may be interested in joining their partner as the person supervising the children..just a thought.
Good to have a chat with you this morning...have a good weekend.
Pam (Keil)
Bus Driver Info for Riding - 
We need a team of volunteers in rotation to join us to cover others being away or not well.
Riding picks up and delivers clients from schools across Port Lincoln during school terms on a Tuesday from 9.15 to 1.45.
The bus we hire is a manual, but you only need a car licence to drive.
With you is another volunteer whose role is to collect and look after the clients.
Training is provided for role and routes which are bi weekly
Clearance checks to volunteer with Riding, 
We require a DCSI Screening Check for Child. Vulnerable and Disability if you wish to Volunteer on a Tuesday which is a Client Day. 
Riding can instigate a check, but it costs nearly $60.00 as a volunteer, and if you already have a DCSI Screening Child Clearance I need to sight the original.

Term 3 commences on the 31st July.

Any queries please contact me.

Susan Hooker, Volunteer
0437 726 774