Minutes of Service Projects committee in Sept.
Minutes of Service Projects Committee Meeting 2nd Sept 2014
Meeting held at Geoff Rayson & Di’s home, 8 - 10pm.
Present:, Jim Kay, Geoff Rayson, Graham Henderson, Peter Myers.
Geoff reported that:-
  • Scott Stenson is happy to help Bill Stenson with the BBQ trailer
  • Trevor Whaites and Geoff Rayson are happy to help out with tents whenever necessary
Discussion around potential and signature projects, merged with the need for diverse projects of various sizes to give the opportunities for other organisations, volunteers and members alike to get involved.  Without adequate opportunities to aspire and contribute, it is unlikely that we will win and hold new membership.
An exciting new potential signature project was discussed.  There is talk of Port Lincoln establishing a Ronald McDonald House.  This would be a wonderful asset for Eyre Peninsula.  Many women need to remain in Port Lincoln for extended periods before child birth and numerous families need to spend time with loved ones in hospital.  Even if not Ronald McDonald, a Rotary House for the same purpose would be very worthwhile  Either way, it was seen to be an excellent signature project.
The Committee still believes that a hydrotherapy area attached to the new Council pool or perhaps at the hospital are strong options at present.  Other hospital projects are still solid contenders.
Thanks to Bill Stenson and Scott Stenson for managing the BBQ trailer, Peter Myers for undertaking to coordinate the Bowls Night and Glenn Karutz for undertaking to manage the Bendigo Bank Tents for three months.
Geoff spoke to Bedford Industries regarding the opportunity to recycle fishing nets for tree guards, stormwater trash racks, skip bin covers, fish scaler bags, golf practise nets, play equipment.  We are waiting on a reply but they sounded keen.
Ongoing Projects/Stewards.  Many thanks to the following people:-
  • Puckridge Park                     Peter Myers
  • Grape Picking                       Ian Phillips
  • Meggas BBQ                          Graham Henderson
  • Tunarama Stall                     Jim Kay
  • Tunarama Parade                 Terry Doyle
  • Vending Machines                Terry Doyle and Chris Stone
  • BBQ Trailer                           Bill Stenson, Scott Stenson
  • Bowls Night                           Peter Myers
  • Tents                                       John Myers will do them for three months, followed by Glenn Karutz.  Geoff Rayson and Trevor Whaites are happy to help any time.
Other Activities; are we doing these this year.  We are still waiting for volunteers please:-
  • Melbourne Cup Sweep                                                           tba
  • Golf Day                                                                                 tba
To Do before next meeting:-
  • Further investigate net recycling/Bedford                              Geoff
  • Further investigate Signature Project                                      Peter B/Geoff
  • Ronald McDonald House suggestion to Board                      Geoff
The meeting closed with supper.