Minutes of Club Administration committee held in Sept.
Club Services Committee
Meeting Minutes 2nd September 2014,
Stones house 17 Gloucester Tce.
Chair: John Myers.
Attendance: John Myers, Greg Patterson, Juri Berzins, Glenn Karutz, Branco Franco, Chris Stone.
Apologies: Dave Gillies and those on leave.
Minutes of last meeting agreed upon that were a true and accurate record.
Business Arising:
Major Projects Committee.
The Board has set up the Major Projects Committee with Peter Barfoot, Barrie Rogers, Chris Cottrell, Geoff Rayson and Chris Stone. As there has not been a meeting of this committee Chris gave a list of projects that he is aware of at this stage which will be put into the mix in no particular order of priority.
Ravendale Oval seating
Bishop Street Gym equipment
Mundy’s Mooring gym equipment
Hydrotherapy pool
Youthoria projects
Riding for the Disabled
Police projects, Camp Arappa, Aboriginal girls, Blue Light disco’s,
Recycling old fishing nets
Golf Day
On Line Auction
Satellite Club
Hospital Furniture
Streetscape project.
There will be other projects to be considered and all club members will be given the opportunity to have any project adden to the mix. The committee will look at projects and divide them into short, medium and long term and provide recommendations to the board with appropriate research and advice for full club participation before final decisions.
Seargents Job.
This has still to be resolved and again the committee discussed it at length and will recommend that the job be rotated amongst the 4 committees for members to do a month at a time.
Glenn advised that the open fine sessions produced really good income.
Bendigo Bank Tents
John will do the job but needed to have a fill in for October and will call for assistance at next meeting
Anzac anniversary project
Peter Lynn will be speaking to the club and will mention then ways that the club will be able to get involved with assisting the organisation.
Fire Committee
This committee Glenn Karutz, Chris Stone and Bill Watkins met tonight and Glen had spent some time formalising our strategy and this was accepted as our recommendation to the Board. We have currently looked at three submissions. See document in Fire Committee section of Board sub committees.
  1. Sleaford District Progress Association. The recommendation to the Board is that we seek approval from Freemasons Lincoln to move the 1Kl tank from it present location to their suggested site but they are to provide significant help in achieving this to provide some ownership. This is to be investigated with all aspects considered.
  2. An application was rejected on the basis of being on private land which was made from a farmer near Glenn’s area
  3. Cocaleechie Hall. We decided to investigate the proposal from the district as it has similar merit to other locations we have already supplied tanks to.
Vending Machines
The money spinner has been relocated as the Bendigo Bank site did not work out only producing about $45 for the month of August. The unit was not being put out by the girls each day. The new site is outside “the Hub” thanks to Geoff Penfold’s assistance with the operator. It is now quite prominent at the pedestrian crossing. Some discussion was provided in locating the money spinner or some other device at the airport now that barrie Rogers is a member. Chris will progress this suggestion.
The coffee machine is being refurbished by Dave Gillies and when up to speed it will be looking foe a new home.
The Bunnings results were stabalised but still a disappointing result as the 26% going to Provender off the top was hurting. Chris is trialing a new line of biscuits but the cost price was an issue. The TAFE machine was consistent with monthly take around $350 and the Home Hardware machine not producing satisfactory results.
Board Report.
John advised that the 3 defribulators are being purchased at around $1900 each and would be deployed at the bowling clubs and Ravendale.
Glenn reported on the club finances and advised that the project account was at a very healthy state.
Thanks were given for the Stones providing the venue.
Next meeting at Greg Jones’s and then Patterson’s and then karutz’s
Finish 9.30pm