Posted by Colin West on Mar 09, 2017
Dick Smith Matched Funding Grant.
Dick has previously given a significant amount through Rotary towards the eradication of the once widespread disease polio. This project has run for thirty years and is nearing completion, polio is now isolated to a few small enclaves in remote regions. Dick joins the likes of world-renowned philanthropist Bill Gates as a major supporter of Rotary and its various programs worldwide. On this occasion, the donation by Dick and Pip will be administered by the Rotary Australia Benevolent Society, for the benefit of local individuals and communities. Dick highlighted the fact many Australians suffer personal hardship, whether through accident, illness or misadventure. He considers Rotary one of the most trusted and respected charities in the world.
Dick Smith has put $1 million out there for Rotary Clubs to access for a project on a $1 for $1 basis. More information is available in 'read more'.
The following actual RABS projects will assist in assessing a potential disadvantaged meeting the above criteria within your Rotary club area.
  • Provision of a modified family motor vehicle for 6 year old with cerebral palsy
  • Modification of home to assist access and functionality for quadriplegic
  • Distribution of food, street swags, etc to homeless
  • Overseas lifesaving medical procedures not available in Australia
  • Provision of bus for use as a standalone renal dialysis unit
  • Ongoing support for non PBS medicines for a sufferer of Lyme disease
  • Provision of a shower bus for homeless
  • Supply of eye gaze technology for children with severe physical disabilities and complex communication needs
  • Provision of prosthetics
  • Improve mobility with motorised wheelchair
  • Refugee support
  • Provision of mobile laundry for homeless

How to access assistance
RABS criteria for project registration is that the project provides direct relief to people in need. If the intended recipients are disadvantaged, the relief should target that disadvantage. The concept of disadvantage is unlimited and could arise from sickness, suffering, distress, misfortune, disability, destitution, helplessness or poverty, any aspect of the negative side of the human condition. The criteria are not prescriptive but are to be used as a guide to determine the disadvantage.  Only NEW projects will be considered.    

Funds can only be directed to people in need or benefits can only be directed to a section of a community rather than the community as a whole. A project should arouse compassion within the community.

Priority for grants will be given to those whose disadvantage has arisen from an ”ad hoc” event over which the disadvantaged had no control, such as an accident, assault, medical condition etc.

Grants are available for projects with a minimum value of $2,000 (ie a grant of $1,000)

A Club can apply for up to 2 grants in any calendar year

A club can access grants to a maximum value of $10,000 in any calendar year subject to the preceding 2  clauses