E Mail Buddy
We have a few members that don't have email access.  Unfortunately they do miss some information that is distributed via email, eg the weekly bulletin.  I am looking a member to be an email buddy for member that doesn't have email.  
The way it would work is:
I will put your email address in clubrunner for your email buddy. An email sent to your  buddy (from anyone in the club) would arrive on your email but it would have you buddies name on it.  You would therefore receive two bulletins, one for you and one for your buddy and they would have some differences.  You would print it off and pass it on the next time you see your buddy.  It would work best if you do have some regular contact with your email buddy.  So if you do have regular contact with any member that doesn't have emai, please consider being their email buddy.
If you can help please let Dave Gillies know.