Speaker Date Topic
NN Phil Nelson Jun 20, 2019
A Climate Solution


Phil Nelson chairs the Golden Chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby, a volunteer nonpartisan, nonprofit group that promotes legislation to counter climate change.  Phil is a geophysicist with degrees from MIT, with a career in mineral exploration working for Kennecott Copper, oil and gas production with Sohio Petroleum and BP, and nuclear waste disposal with the U.S. Geological Survey.  Since retiring, he devotes his time to Citizens’ Climate Lobby and to lecturing on aspects of climate change, extreme weather, and the human response to global warming.

Abigail Manning Jun 27, 2019

Bill's friend. Possible topic Mental health & Mindful Awareness

7.334.4135 abigailgmanning.com


DARK! Jul 04, 2019
John Logan Jul 11, 2019
Meet the new Pres!
Jim Halderman & Tom Baker Jul 18, 2019
You, the Peacemaker
Giovanna Toppi sb Jul 25, 2019
C-470 update


Linda Wilson / 303.204.2244 / 110 16th Street, Suite 502-A, Denver, CO 80202


Jordan Matthews Aug 01, 2019
Musings from a Peace Corps Volunteer

Jordan is coming down from Ft. Collins.  Assume Carl Dickerson will be in attendance.  

DARK! Aug 29, 2019
DG Curt Harris Sep 19, 2019
Meet the DG!

Got this from John Logan - he'll intro? DGCurt2019.20@Rotary5450.org

DARK! Oct 03, 2019
In preparation for the gala
DARK! Oct 31, 2019
Tentative - we're already missing the gala thursday.
DARK! Nov 07, 2019
Craft show
DARK! Nov 21, 2019
open Dec 12, 2019