Jun 13, 2019
NN Karen Brown
Older adults remaining in the work force

Karen Brown is a thought-leader in technology and innovations for older people focusing on products, services and policy that improve the lives of older adults and their families.  As CEO of iAging and the Ambassador of the Aging2.0 Denver Chapter, she is connected to, supportive of and a consultant to a network of innovators in Colorado and across the globe that are tackling the Grand Challenges of Aging.  As Past Chair and current member of the Strategic Action Planning Group on Aging (SAPGA), she is keenly aware of the changes in the Colorado demographics and is working with SAPGA to promote policies and programs that will support older people, their caregivers and the infrastructure that serves them to the year 2030 and beyond.  She is also a leader in the Age-Friendly WorkForce Campaign, a part of the Changing the Narrative Initiative, funded by Rose Community Foundation and The NextFifty Initiative.