Last June 21, our club celebrated the start of a new Rotary year, and President Roger Young passed the torch to 2023-24 Club President Kaitlyn James. 
In the 2023-24 Rotary year, our club will meet the second Wednesday of the month in the conference room of Ah-Haa School for the Arts, and will gather for a happy hour on the fourth Wednesday of the month at a different restaurant or bar. It's best to check Telluride Rotary's Facebook page or Instagram @telluriderotary for info on the location and speakers at each meeting.
Pictured here: 2022-23 Club President Roger Young, 2023-24 Club President Kaitlyn James, and Assistant District Governor Susan Lisak.
Thank you to the speakers who make our meetings so informative and interesting. If you are interested in being a guest speaker at our club's gatherings, or attending a meeting as a guest if you're interested in Rotary, please email We host hybrid meetings, with a Zoom option for remote participants. 
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    Last year, club meetings featured the following speakers:
    • New member Sadie Farrington on how she created and runs Tomboy Butcher, and Telluride Rotarians Bonnie and Brian Watson discussing their new collective workspace, AltSpace.
    • New members Patty Denny of Telluride Truffle, and Susanne Wood of Coldwell Banker Distinctive Properties 
    • Telluride Rotary President-elect Sarah Lavender Smith on “Life Lessons from Ultrarunning”
    • Telluride Rotary Board member/Environmental Officer Madeline Gonzalez and Rotarian Sarah Landeryou, director of Wilkinson Public Library, on Telluride Rotary – Wilkinson Public Library’s Climate Action and Education public series 
    • Telluride Rotarian Sarah Holbrooke on her work as executive director of The Pinhead Institute, and Jessica Galbo, executive director of the Telluride AIDS Benefit, on the Rotary-supported Student Fashion Show
    • Tucker Szymkowicz, executive director of The Telluride Institute
    • Telluride Rotarian and Mayor Pro-Tem Todd Brown on Town Council budgeting and priorities
    • Nichole Glaser, economic recovery coordinator for Region 10, on economic development
    • Vivian Russell and Loren Knobbe of True North Youth Program
    • Telluride Fire Chief John Bennett
    • Vicki Renda, founder of Norwood-based Vicki's Fresh Food Movement
    • San Miguel County Public Health Director Grace Franklin, and Rotary Scholarship recipient Brenda Gutierrez Ruiz (pictured at left)
    • Michael Martelon, president and CEO of the Telluride Tourism Board
    • Corinne Cavender, Behavioral Health Operations Coordinator for Tri-County Health Network
    • Sara Kimble, principal Telluride Middle/High School
    • Bonnie Watson of Telluride Venture Network and Brian Watson of Proximity, co-founders of AltSpace coworking space in Telluride
    • Kate Jones, executive director of Telluride Arts
    • Dominique Bruneau, service specialist at Wilkinson Public Library from Chile specializing in bilingual/bicultural outreach; and Kristi Redlinger, the District Chair for Rotary Youth Exchange
    In 2022, our guest speakers have been:
    • Cara Pallone, executive director of Telluride community radio station KOTO FM
    • District Governor Becky Smith
    • Heidi Lauterbach, director of Telluride Mountain Club
    • Kate Wadley of Telluride Medical Center and teacher Yana Pollard on her support of Ukraine
    • Mason Osgood, executive director of Sheep Mountain Alliance
    • Jason Corzine, president and CEO of the Telluride Foundation
    • District Governor Sam Kevan
    • Town Manager Scott Robson
    • Dakota Jones of Footprints environmental camp
    In 2023, our guest speakers have been:
    • Rotary Youth Exchange student Annemarie Davidova
    • Between the Covers owners Jennifer and Brad Ball
    • Telluride District Fire Chief John Bennett
    • Courtney Stuecheli, executive director of Telluride Adaptive Sports, and Superintendent John Pandolfo