Our next club meeting takes place Wednesday, February 8, 6 - 7 p.m. at the Elks Lodge, and the guest speakers will be Brad and Jennifer Ball, owners of Between the Covers bookstore. Please arrive closer to 5:30 to socialize.
Our monthly club happy hour will be Wednesday, February 22, 5:45 - 7 p.m. at Black Iron restaurant in Mountain Village. Pictured here are some photos from our January happy hour.
At our January club meting, Rotary Youth Exchange student Annemarie Davidova of the Czech Republic gave a presentation and slide show about her home country and her experience here. We also welcomed the leaders of a Rotary Club in Mexico City and learned about their community service and fundraisers. 
Thank you to the speakers who make our meetings so informative and interesting. If you are interested in being a guest speaker at our club's gatherings, or attending a meeting as a guest if you're interested in Rotary, please email telluriderotary@gmail.com. We host hybrid meetings, with a Zoom option for remote participants. Click Read More below to see the list of past guest speakers. 
    Last year, club meetings featured the following speakers:
    • New member Sadie Farrington on how she created and runs Tomboy Butcher, and Telluride Rotarians Bonnie and Brian Watson discussing their new collective workspace, AltSpace.
    • New members Patty Denny of Telluride Truffle, and Susanne Wood of Coldwell Banker Distinctive Properties 
    • Telluride Rotary President-elect Sarah Lavender Smith on “Life Lessons from Ultrarunning”
    • Telluride Rotary Board member/Environmental Officer Madeline Gonzalez and Rotarian Sarah Landeryou, director of Wilkinson Public Library, on Telluride Rotary – Wilkinson Public Library’s Climate Action and Education public series 
    • Telluride Rotarian Sarah Holbrooke on her work as executive director of The Pinhead Institute, and Jessica Galbo, executive director of the Telluride AIDS Benefit, on the Rotary-supported Student Fashion Show
    • Tucker Szymkowicz, executive director of The Telluride Institute
    • Telluride Rotarian and Mayor Pro-Tem Todd Brown on Town Council budgeting and priorities
    • Nichole Glaser, economic recovery coordinator for Region 10, on economic development
    • Vivian Russell and Loren Knobbe of True North Youth Program
    • Telluride Fire Chief John Bennett
    • Vicki Renda, founder of Norwood-based Vicki's Fresh Food Movement
    • San Miguel County Public Health Director Grace Franklin, and Rotary Scholarship recipient Brenda Gutierrez Ruiz (pictured at left)
    • Michael Martelon, president and CEO of the Telluride Tourism Board
    • Corinne Cavender, Behavioral Health Operations Coordinator for Tri-County Health Network
    • Sara Kimble, principal Telluride Middle/High School
    • Bonnie Watson of Telluride Venture Network and Brian Watson of Proximity, co-founders of AltSpace coworking space in Telluride
    • Kate Jones, executive director of Telluride Arts
    • Dominique Bruneau, service specialist at Wilkinson Public Library from Chile specializing in bilingual/bicultural outreach; and Kristi Redlinger, the District Chair for Rotary Youth Exchange
    In 2022, our guest speakers have been:
    • Cara Pallone, executive director of Telluride community radio station KOTO FM
    • District Governor Becky Smith
    • Heidi Lauterbach, director of Telluride Mountain Club
    • Kate Wadley of Telluride Medical Center and teacher Yana Pollard on her support of Ukraine
    • Mason Osgood, executive director of Sheep Mountain Alliance
    • Jason Corzine, president and CEO of the Telluride Foundation
    • District Governor Sam Kevan
    • Town Manager Scott Robson
    • Dakota Jones of Footprints environmental camp
    In 2023, our guest speakers have been:
    • Rotary Youth Exchange student Annemarie Davidova