Education and Our Community: The Herb Feinzig Challenge
Jan 31, 2018
Rick Adleman and Tony Giurado
Education and Our Community: The Herb Feinzig Challenge

In 2016 less than 49% of graduating seniors from the four local high schools furthered their education in some manner. That could mean going to a four-year university, community college, trade school or joining the military. Compared to a national average of 70%, this indicates a cause for concern!

There is a direct correlation between the education level of a population and overall community success.  According to the College Board’s Education Pays 2013 Report, when a community has a more educated population, there are very distinctive benefits for the community including increased wages, increased tax revenues, less dependence on government subsidies, healthier lifestyles and reduced spending on health care and more engaged citizens.

Rotarian Herb Feinzig, and his wife Kate, is challenging the Rotary Club of Grand Junction members to join in supporting scholarships for District 51 students to attend CMU. He will match dollar-for-dollar up to $5,000 per year for the next four years. This program will describe the problem faced and Herb’s challenge in more detail.