Posted by Susan Lisak
Rotary Meeting Minutes for November 28, 2017
In attendance: Bill Ordemann, Ed Merritt, Tom Seymour, Robbie Singer, Dr. Burnside, Guiseppe Privaterra, Scott Cooper, Mark Tucker, Dave Sanford, LouAnn Jacobson Ball, John Taveira, Susan Lisak, Eli Brown,
Thank you card from the Learning Nest was passed around
Guiseppe introduced himself, here till Dec 12

Fundraiser for the Rotary Lighting Fund
Dolores River Brewery: Pony keg of beer
GST Liquors: Box of Red & White Wine
Kokopelli's: Donating a mountain bike to auction off, starting bid @ $650.00, retail value $1100.00. Rocky is posting information and taking online bids until 4pm today, which will become the beginning bid at the event tonight.
Dolores Food Market: Donated a selection of cheeses and crackers
DAV: Chili & Corn Muffins
Appetizers (near bar):
Rocky: Bruchetta
LouAnn Jacobson Ball: Tortilla Chips
Taz @ Dolores Food Market: Cheese & Cracker platter
Mark & Bill - salsa

Deanna & Val Truelson: Rolls & Butter
LouAnn Jacobson Ball: Salad & fixings
Lainey Beyhan: Salad
Susan Lisak: Mac & Cheese
Sheryl Merritt: Lasagna
Paul Bilger: Green Chile Posole
Scott Cooper: Crockpot Chili
Tom Seymour: Pasta Meatball Soup
DAV (Charley to bring): Red Chili & (90) Corn muffins
Linda Johnson: Chili
Sheila Owens: Green Chili w/beef
Ruby Gonzales: Shredded Cheese, Saltines & Sour cream
Mark Tucker: TBD
Shawna Valdez: TBD
Susan Lisak: Sheet cakes with Raspberry filling & whip cream frosting
Non-Alcoholic Beverages: Dave Sanford to provide
(Dave also mentioned that there are some plates and utensils in storage.)
Dessert Auction:
Susan Lisak: Southern Buttermilk Pie
Sheryl Merritt: Kentucky Derby Pie
Rocky Moss: Christmas Cookies
Shawna Valdez: TBD
Charley: TBD
Dr. Burnside 3 pies, 2 cakes

Entertainment & Other:
Holiday Music: Susan & John's playlist 😊
Photographer: John Taveira
Decor: Rocky Moss & Susan Lisak
Kids Activities: Cornhole game for children, coloring books and crayons, stickers, legos
Group Activity: The Moveable Tree - Create a paper ornament, write name on back and what your like about your community. It will be hung on the Community Christmas Tree, then delivered to other venues before Christmas.

4pm: Rocky, Susan & John arrive to set up
5:30pm: Doors open, Bar opens
6pm - 7pm: Dinner & Dessert
6:30pm: Scott to talk during dinner
6:45pm: Rocky to talk about Paper Ornament Tree
7pm-ish: Dessert Auctions, then bike auction, then more dessert auctions

Setup: Susan, John, Rocky, ???
Bar: ?? Ed, Larry Engel
Kitchen: ??
Waitstaff: Susan
Cocktail Waitress: Susan
Cleanup: ??
Tickets: Ruby
Raffle: Ruby &
Auctioneer: Tom
Meeting adjourned at 7:30am