Posted by Susan Lisak
Rotary Meeting Minutes For: January 30, 2018
Call to Order:   6:30am
Pledge of Allegiance
Question of the Day? Where would you fly to vacation?
In Attendance: Shawna Valdez, Val Truelsen, Robbie Singer, Dr. Burnside, Scott Cooper, Darwin Cooper, Mark Tucker, Tom Rice, John Taveira, Susan Lisak, Deanna Truelsen
Bingo for the Bridge Shelter
  • Bingo is tonight, 6:30pm at the Community Center.
  • We need assistance w/dessert auction donations. Please bring a dessert for the auction if you can, and also need an auctioneer
  • Motion was asked to set up the Square credit card swiper to the Rotary bank account, which will allow people to pay for their dinner or to make donations via a credit card. Motion approved
Donation Request
The Durango Daybreak Rotary is sponsoring Skylar Brill on our behalf and is asking both our club and the two other Durango Rotary Clubs (High Noon and Evening Rotary) to donate towards her Rotary Youth Exchange. Skyler did exceptionally well at the District interviews and is slated to go to Poland. With a commitment of local funds, they can ask the District to match their total.
The request was tabled till Feb 6. Susan will reply to The Durango Daybreak club and ask Skyler to talk to us before committing funds.
Bike Race Meeting
  • Motion was made to move the bike race date to one week earlier. Pros & Cons discussion. Most members were against moving the date until the race becomes so big that further action must be taken. Motion did not pass.
  • Traffic & signage discussion - Bike race in progress at start of alley sign, sign for paid parking
  • Motion was made to cordon off back parking lot and sell spots to bike racers. We have around 40 spots. Can be set up as part of their online registration process for $5/parking spot. Will need parking attendant. Motion passed.
  • Discussion on additional beer tent area closer to awards/finish line area. Maybe coordinating a beer area with the Rio Grande Southern B&B, but need to make sure they have a liquor license. Some discussion on moving the awards closer to Chamber beer area, but after discussion it was deemed too crowded and inconvenient to relocate.
  • Scott will call Scott Darling for water bottles featuring 20th anniv. Would cost $5-6 each. Tabled for further discussion.
  • Asking La Plata Electric and Empire electric to host bike rodeo.
  • We lost our bike helmets sponsor with the health department, looking for other alternatives.
  • Discussed having a Parking map available to download on our website.
  • Goal to get sponsor letters out by next bike race meeting
    • See if we can get the 5K Run sponsored
    • 12 hours mesa verde letter was recently sent out, and can be used as an example on our cover letter.
  • Rocky Mountain Timing is giving us the same pricing for chip timing the event, normally $900, but will sponsor in trade $250 for advertising on the t-shirt, bringing our cost down to $650. Motion made to utilize their services again this year. Motion passed.
  • Bring in shirts for quilt
Meeting adjourned at 7:30am