Posted by Susan Lisak
Rotary Meeting Minutes For: September 12, 2017
In Attendance: Dana Hill, Robbie Singer, Carl Buchta, Dr. Burnside, Scott Cooper, Ed Merritt, Dave Sanford, Charley Miller, John Taveira, Susan Lisak, Paul Bilger, Eli Brown, Angela Horvath, Dan Jones
New Guests:
Angela Horvath - SCYC
Dr. Charlotte Wolf - Director of Southwest Open Schools (SWOS)
Joined Rotary and is now a Rotary Member!! Welcome!
Dr. Charlotte Wolf
Clubrunner Website changes
  • Online Rotary Membership application form is now active on the Clubrunner website. It’s a link located at the top of the page. Goes to a Google form they can fill out and submit, which will be routed to Susan, who will get in touch with them.
  • Working on a fillable pdf version of the application form.
  • Added a “Contact Us” widget to the Clubrunner website as well, emails are routed to Susan
  • All confirmed speakers have been added on home page
  • Committees have been created within Clubrunner’s internal database and Rotarians have been assigned to the various committees there. If you are on one, it will be listed on the Membership Directory. (click on the Members Area, then Membership tab, then Member Lists. Find your name, then click on the Commitments tab)
Knowledge Bowl Donation Request: After some discussion, decided to invite Tel Hamilton to speak with Knowledge Bowl @ Sep 19th meeting
A "TASTE" of Sweet Dolores, a Community Get Together
  • Saturday, Sept 16th, from 4:30 to 7:30 pm at Flanders Park.  Decided to set up a booth @ 3pm, sell raffle tickets and t-shirts. Booth space is free.
Raffle update - vacation $1200, Rifle - $520
Dec 12th is drawing date
Commodities update - sometime we get enough, sometimes not enough. This month we had a little extra food. Stayed open till 7:30am, about 25 boxes given out.
Guest Speaker - Angela Horvath, Teen Maze
  • Happening Nov 15 - 16, about 90 minutes long, 7th & 8th graders
  • Teen maze has been changed to be able to accommodate up to 700 kids, had 310 kids last year.
  • Angela is visiting area schools to invite kids to be a part of it.
  • The maze gives kids the opportunity to make life choices, and the possible outcomes from those choices.
  • Kids have question and answer sessions
  • Have counselors to assist with any immediate needs
  • Parents have to fill out waiver. The source of information that kids get is very important, try to stick to scientific evidence
  • Have to rent curtains, fairgrounds, county gives grant, get t-shirts.
  • Looking for volunteers and donations.
Meeting adjourned at 7:31am