Members and guests present: LouAnn Jacobson, Dan Jones, Bob Miller, Charley Miller, Allan Burnside, Linda Burnside, Jim Phillips, Mary Sparks, Dana Hill, Doreen Jones, Deanna Truelsen, Val Truelsen, Dave Sanford, April Randle, Tom Seymour, Rachel Nelligan, Neal Stephens, Rebecca Stephens, Laurel Rematore, Jim Reser, Ross Wright, Donna Wright, Charlie Powell, Chris Powell, Scott Cooper, Theresa Archibeque, and Larry Archibeque.

Pledge: Tom Seymour

Prayer: Jim Phillips

1) Tom Seymour opened the meeting by asking previous Rotary Presidents," What they remembered or was highlighted during their terms?"

2.) Question of the day was, " What was appreciated by members of Tom Seymour's presidency."

3) Pressing announcements: Laurel Rematore informed the club that bike sponsorship continue to come in and that the deadline for sponsorships is July 1st or next Tuesday.Laurel informed the club that more than $ 2,500.00 have been received at this time.  In addition the next commodity distribution is July 12, 2014.

4) Jim Reser gave a Cortez Club update.

5) Tom Seymour then completed an installation process in which, Laurel Rematore officially is the new club president for 2014.

6) A huge thank you to the Ponderosa, Deanna Truelsen, serving staff and the wonderful chef who prepared a meal of chicken, steaks, salmon, or steak and lobster. The meal was absolutely done well, kudos, Deanna!!!!!!!!!!!

7) Meeting was adjourned by Laurel Rematore.