Members Present: Dave Sanford, Steve Maxwell, Brandon Thurston, Chris Trusler, Charley Miller, Denis Boon, LouAnn Jacobson, Tom Seymour, Allan Burnside, Raquel "Rocky" Moss, Ed Merritt Jr., Deana Truelsen, Neal Stephens, Laurel Rematore, Jim Phillips, Mary Sparks, and Larry Archibeque

Pledge: Laurel Rematore
Prayer: Larry Archibeque

1) A motion was made and passed that Rotary Dues will be $140.00 per year or two installments of $70.00 one due in July and one due in January. 

2) Question of the day was, "What is a memorable book or favorite book read?" 

3) Commodity allocation is schedule for next Saturday, July 12, 2014 @ Dolores Fire Station.

4) Laurel Rematore gave a statement as to her upcoming year as President of the club. 

5) It was approved by acclamation that Ed Merrit Jr. and Larry Archibeque be Treasurer and Secretary of the club respectively. 

6) Allan Burnside gave an update on the drone raffle as this time $600.00 in ticket sales.

7) Dave Sanford was going to check with the local bicycle shop for repairs in the upcoming bike rodeo in August. 

8) Ed Merritt Jr. is to contact Kokopelli in Cortez as to means of support for the Escalante Bike Race. 

9) An extension for race sponsorships was allowed until Monday, July 7, 2014.

10) Posters can be downloaded for the drone raffle at

11) Raquel "Rocky" Moss was installed into our club by Neal Stephens and she was sponsored by Tom Seymour.

12) Meeting was adjourned by Laurel Rematore.