From the President:

May 12, 2022              

My fellow Rotarians~
Just today I was looking online for information about grief. I have a friend who recently lost her husband to health issues and she's devastated. Unfortunately, there are no magic words that make it all better. I found this quote today and my heart was touched deeply. 
When the time is right, I'll share this with my friend. But I'm not going to overwhelm her with "what I think is helpful" right now. I believe that life is purposeful and timing is key. I am sure that I will know when it is the best time to share. 
Many of you know that I had a life-altering accident in 2017. I learned SO much about loss, grief, resilience, and empathy as I've grown through the changes. I'm sharing some of them with you now. (It's important to note that EVERY situation is different so sometimes what works for one person's comfort would be completely inappropriate in another.)  These are some of my lessons from the first few months after my own involuntary life edit.
1. Read the room. Know that the person grieving might need to talk or might be tired of talking. But even if they are tired of talking, it's not the time to start talking about your own life. If you sense that they need to talk, listen. Watch for signs that the person needs to rest and excuse yourself to leave when you see that.
2. Don't try to relate to their experience. No two tragedies are alike. Especially in the beginning, let that person have their tragedy. It's not a competition. Maybe someday there will be relatable moments to discuss but in the beginning, leave their loss as just that.
3. If you are texting that person to see how they are doing, remember that probably a lot of others are doing the same thing. For someone who has been emotionally highjacked by a tragedy, don't give them an assignment of writing out answers to your questions. Instead, say that "I wanted you to know I'm thinking about you. No need to respond" and maybe "Please tell me HOW I can help you during this difficult time" instead of "Let me know if I can help you." And this is important: Only write this if you actually intend to help. If those are just pretty words you think you should say, don't bother. When I had covid and several people offered to help me with "whatever I needed," I was so embarrassed when I finally took someone up on their offer and asked them to pick up my pre-ordered and pre-paid groceries and leave them on my porch. Suddenly she had so many excuses why she couldn't and I realized she didn't want to help me. For some people, it's very difficult to ask for help and when they finally gather the courage to ask, it reinforces why they DON'T ask for help.
4. Be careful not to minimize their loss. "Well, at least you only got your legs run over." Ummm, you really just said that?? "At least you have a lot of support from your friends." Yes, I'm very thankful for my friends. I'm just trying to figure out if I will ever walk again...and basic stuff like that. That's minimizing. Someone came to visit me in the rehabilitation center and mentioned that her sister stopped running in her 50s because of how hard it was on her joints. MAKING that decision is completely different than having that decision taken away from you. 
5. It's very important to go through the stages of grief. If your friend feels angry, let them be angry. If they are sad, don't try to guilt them out of it. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance are part of it. I struggled so hard to get to acceptance. After I stopped trying so hard to accept my situation, I realized I had arrived at acceptance in a slow, subtle way. Let your friend be free to discuss or rant or cry if that's where they are. I call the friend that can do that, the BEST comfort champion.
6. No one in the throes of their own grief needs to be reminded that others have it worse. The grief that they are trying to navigate through is the worst for them and they probably don't have the capacity to feel for everyone else in the world right then.
7. When my dad passed away in 2005 it was the best feeling in the world when people came up to me after the service to tell me stories about my dad. I loved (and still love) hearing from people who had meaningful or hilarious memories of my dad. Even better, put it in writing for your friend. They aren’t going to remember everything from those moments but you know they will value reading your memories later.
I bet every single person reading this has at least one point to add to this list. Maybe not everyone wants to be a comfort champion. It can be uncomfortable and difficult. But for those who want to be what their friend needs, follow your heart. Listen to your higher power. Leave your judgment at the door. Be kind to this hurting heart. Someday someone may be YOUR comfort champion. I’ve made all of the mistakes and said all the wrong things at different times in my life. But when you know better, you do better.
This week’s Random Awesome Deed suggestion is to pay attention. Surely there are people in your life that are going through tough times in life. Look in people’s eyes. It’s the most honest part of humanity. “Tell me HOW I can help you” or “Just wanted you to know I’m thinking about you. No response needed.” Someone this week is going to need your kindness. I hope you see that opportunity!
Now let's go forth, and be great stewards of Rotary and Catalysts of Caring in our Community! 
Please be well, be safe, and be kind. There are a lot of people needing just that. heart
In Rotary Service,
Kathleen Saltmarsh-Voss
Rotary of Colorado Springs 

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This Week's Program 
May 20, 2022
"4 Habits to Health - Baby Steps to Daily Transformative Behaviors to Better Health and Wellbeing"
"4 Habits to Health - Baby Steps to Daily Transformative Behaviors to Better Health and Wellbeing"

It is time to take control of our own health, one step at a time.  It doesn't have to be that hard - it just requires a desire and awareness to get started in the right direction.  Feel better, look better, be better!  Become more productive!  Reduce fatigue and inflammation! 

For 15 years, Chemae has been guiding and inspiring people through a transformation of body and mind.  Through Dr. A's Habits of Health Transformational System, she connects with her audience with education and inspired empowerment.  Her unique ability to connect with her audiences creates a safe and collaborative environment.  She thrives in front of live audiences to deliver life-changing information that starts from the inside out!

May 27, 2022
"Ignite Your Personal Brand Leadership"
Jun 03, 2022
"Commissioner Reflections for the 20-21 Colorado Independent Legislative Redistricting Commission "
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May is Youth Service Month!
Diamond Awards Committee Leader Needed!
We need a leader for Diamond Awards! This committee has such a meaningful task ~ Reading and rating student nominations for the most impactful teachers in each high school in School District 11!
If YOU are interested in stepping into this position, please contact Cass Daley. 
All Things FLIGHT 2022
                                                       CALL FOR ARTISTS: Rotary Flight 2021, Rotary Club of Colorado Springs at  Online/Virtual Space, Special Events
FLIGHT XV committee meets every Friday directly after the weekly club meeting. The zoom link is available below for those who cannot attend in person.
For more information, please contact Tina Dewey, FLIGHT XV Chair at
Flight 2022 is well underway and we are excited to be back in person at the Boot Barn Hall on September 24th.  As many of you know, getting Flight “aloft” is a significant effort and our largest fundraiser in support of the many great service initiatives of the club.  We are actively seeking sponsorships at this time.  If you or your business can contribute to this worthy cause, you can find additional detail at  Please also think about other contacts you have in the community that are good sponsor candidates.  You can either refer the contact information to Tom Naughton ( or Lynne Pearson ( or if you prefer to contact them yourself, the sponsor brochure and commitment form are available at
Meeting ID: 865 2228 1182
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Meeting ID: 865 2228 1182
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The Veteran Network
We are in the initial stage of forming a Veterans Group in the COS Downtown Rotary Club.  This group will serve as a cohesive unit in community service projects (thanks, Samantha Chapman, for including us!), have its own space on the ClubRunner page (thanks, Mike McGrath!), and strengthen both Rotary and Veteran bonds.  The first initiative for the Veterans Group is to honor World War II Veterans. (Thank you, Kerry Pearson, for your legwork on this project!)
If you are a Veteran, please contact Chip Frazer at or 202.595.4295 with name, branch of service, and (if desired) dates of service and/or military campaigns.  If you know a Veteran in the club, please let Chip know, since we'd like to get the word out as far and wide as possible.
Chip Frazer
Rotary of Colorado Springs

Community Service Committee Updates:

Listen for updates at this week's meeting!
International Committee News!
Simple color world map vector 01 free download
International Committee Update!
Currently, we are working on the following projects: 
  • Practical Education Network (PEN) in Ghana
  • Hunger project in Niger
  • Trampled Rose In Ethiopia
  • Locally Haiti
  • Vision project in Bisceglie, Italy
New updates for the International committee:
  • Steve Popovich - visted a few weeks ago, a former Rotarian. Wants to get club involved in letter writing campaign to Ukrainian refugee mothers and children overseas. We are just waiting on a carrier that can guarantee delivery of letters. Our club would be in the role of collecting letters from the PPLD locations and vetting them to make sure content is ok. I really love the idea of this project
  • The Tbilisi Rotarian Club in Republic of Georgia is helping to raise funds for the School of Tomorrow. They have taken in about 30 Ukrainian children and with the costs of additional children with families who are not paying and the issues of COVID, the school is low on funds and materials. The Director of the School is a member of the local Rotary Club there. 
If you are interested in participating in our International Committee, please email Jordan Davis at to be added to the notification list!
From the Rotary International President Shekhar Mehta

Dear Rotary member,

We are dedicated to enhancing your Rotary experience by supporting what is important to you, our members. You have consistently told us that you want Rotary to be a place that celebrates diversity, that fully represents our communities, and offers all members equitable opportunities to thrive.

You also recognize that embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) will allow us to do more meaningful work while engaging with people who know they’ll be valued for the qualities that make them unique. These sentiments were reinforced last year by the more than 31,000 members around the world who responded to our first DEI survey.

To ensure that the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion are ingrained in everything we do, the RI Board of Directors, guided by the DEI Task Force, has strengthened our commitment to DEI and is taking action in response to the survey findings.

Our DEI Code of Conduct

What we say and how we behave matter. Although free expression is important, we must take responsibility for how our words and actions may affect others. The Board has approved a new DEI Code of Conduct to help Rotary members create and maintain an environment that is collaborative, positive, and healthy for everyone. 

Simply put, the DEI Code of Conduct asks you to:

  • Use respectful language
  • Be supportive
  • Foster a welcoming and inclusive environment
  • Celebrate diversity
All Rotary leaders, from club presidents and district governors to directors and trustees, are expected to apply the DEI Code of Conduct uniformly to help members recognize the impact that their words and actions can have on other people.

If you experience behavior that does not align with the DEI Code of Conduct, you have ways to respond:
  • If the situation can be resolved through discussion, please talk to the person directly. Often, the person who said something or acted in a way that made others feel excluded, marginalized, or targeted did not do so intentionally. Although there might be mistakes, missteps, and uncomfortable conversations along the way, having this dialogue will lead to a better and stronger Rotary.
  • If a discussion is not possible or the situation involves someone in a leadership role or another club, contact Rotary’s Club and District Support staff, who will review the information and follow up appropriately.
  • If you are in danger or your safety is in doubt, contact local law enforcement officers and notify Club and District Support staff.
As an organization, we are stronger when we embrace the diversity found in our clubs and communities. We are more effective when we offer a valuable, inclusive experience that provides equitable opportunities for people to serve, to lead, and to participate with us. To grow Rotary and become a more dynamic organization, we must take DEI seriously. And with your support, we are doing that. 


Shekhar Mehta, RI President
and the 2021-22 RI Board of Directors

You can support DEI in Rotary by:


Support for Ukraine
From our District Governor Becky Smith:
Razom – Together we are Ukraine
Here are the  sources that have identified specific focus areas for Ukrainian support:
International Red Cross  (Rotary and the Red Cross have a long-standing relationship of support and alliance)
Rotary District 2241 in Romania  (This information came from the DG in Southern California.  She is a Romanian immigrant).
You can wire funds directly to the Rotary District  2241 of Romania.  They have established a Disaster Relief Fund.
Here is the bank info for a wire transfer.
str. Gheorghe Barițiu, nr.8, Cluj Napoca 
Cluj-Napoca, Cluj 400000 Roman ia
Account in USD:
Swift: BTRLRO22
Asociația Rotary District 2241 Romania & Republica Moldova 
Hotel Ibis. 
Calea Grivitei  nr.143, sector 1,
București 010741 Romania
Rotary International Disaster Relief Fund
As one of the world’s largest humanitarian organizations, Rotary has made peace the cornerstone of our global mission. We are deeply concerned about the Ukraine crisis and need your help.

Rotary is made up of people of action, especially in difficult times. In response to the deepening refugee crisis, The Rotary Foundation Trustees have decided to prioritize contributions made to the Disaster Response Fund until 30 April 2022 to support disaster response grants for districts affected by these events. These expedited disaster response grants can be used to supply water, food, medicine, shelter, and clothing.

Half a million people have fled Ukraine and are in dire need of emergency aid. The United Nations estimates that the number of refugees could grow to as many as 5 million people displaced. Rotary clubs in Europe and around the world have stepped up their relief work, some working on the ground to help displaced families.

With your donation to our Disaster Response Fund, we can support communities and help rebuild lives during this tragic time.  Click HERE to donate now. 


John Germ
Trustee Chair, 2021-22
The Rotary Foundation
And from Habitat For Humanity:


Habitat for Humanity GB

Ukraine appeal

Dear Friend,

As we watch the distressing situation unfold across Ukraine, Habitat for Humanity Great Britain joins colleagues across our network in calling for an end to the deadly attacks.

As an organization that passionately believe that homes should be safe havens for all, seeing people forced to flee from their homes is a tragedy.

In Ukraine, we work on energy efficiency in housing through a partner organization based in Odessa. The latest reports from our partner are that all their staff are safe, though attacks have killed people within the district.

Our colleagues on the ground in neighboring countries, together with partners from other charities and organizations in a united response, are helping assist those who have been forced to flee, as well as preparing longer-term plans to support families into more permanent homes.

Ukraine appeal

Responding to the crisis

Habitat for Humanity National Offices in the neighboring countries of Poland, Romania, Hungary, and Slovakia are responding by supporting refugees fleeing to find safety and shelter, as well as devising plans to support families into a longer-term shelter.

In Poland: Many of the families arriving at the border are single-headed, as many Ukrainian parents are choosing to have one parent remain in the country to join the resistance. Funds are being raised to lessen the burden of housing for the Ukrainian refugees.

In Romania: An assessment team from Habitat for Humanity Romania has traveled north to the Ukraine-Romania border. The temperature is currently below freezing, so the priority here is to source air heaters for people sheltering in tents on the border. The team is also working to secure hotel rooms as temporary shelters for refugees.

In Hungary: Our colleagues are pursuing how they can best provide support for refugees at the border.

In Slovakia: A team of staff have made their way to the border and are working on plans to support partner organizations. 

More updates about our work in Ukraine’s neighboring countries supporting refugees will be provided as information comes in.

Ukraine response

The United Nations Refugee Agency estimates up to 4 million Ukrainians could flee if the situation deteriorates further.

Supporting refugees into decent homes

Right now, the situation is desperate. Our teams around the world are working tirelessly to do all they can to assist and plan how best to help, and your support today is a crucial part of that response.

Without you, we simply can't do the work that we do.

In the short term, we will continue to assist governments and partners to meet the urgent needs of refugees at the Ukrainian border.

In keeping with our 'Pathways to Permanence' approach, our longer-term response will focus on supporting refugee families to reduce their vulnerability, helping move them along a path to permanent, durable shelter.

To support our continued efforts in helping those who have been forced to leave their homes, please make a donation today.  

Seeing families have the most basic needs of safety and housing compromised is truly heart-breaking, but with you beside us, we'll do everything we can to be there, rebuilding shattered lives brick-by-brick - however long it takes.

With my heartfelt thanks for your continued support,

Tum signature

District Update on Polio
 The first quarter polio reports from the two remaining countries not considered polio-free continue to be cautiously optimistic. With just six cases of the wild poliovirus reported in 2021, the trend was positive. Today that trend continues as we have had just one case of the wild poliovirus in Afghanistan this year and 441 days since the last reported case of the wild poliovirus in Pakistan. 
 Milestone' in polio eradication achieved - BBC News
   The most encouraging information in the report is that there have been no Positive Environmental Samples since early December. Additionally, the cases of Circulating Vaccine - Derived Polio have dropped to just 34 compared with 195 at this time last year.
    The eradication of only the second disease from the planet remains the primary goal of Rotary International. The continued support of Rotarians will see this goal achieved. Please help Rotary International with your donation to The Rotary Foundation Polio Plus Fund. With your help, we will have a polio-free world.
Yours in Rotary Service,

PDG David Wood

District 5470


Bulletin Annoucements~!
If you have bulletin announcements, please email the EXACT WORDING of your announcement to by Wednesday at 5 pm. I don't write your announcements but I do make them nice 'n' fancy!
Amazon Smile in 6 steps!
As you're doing your shopping online, did you know that you can support our Rotary Club with every Amazon purchase? Here’s how:
  1. Go to (not Amazon Smile is the same company, same account, same password, but the Amazon Smile program gives one half of one percent of every purchase to charity. No, it’s not a lot, but it’s also not nuthin’ (to be exact: about $150 for the Club so far). So again, go to
  2. Sign into your Amazon account as you normally would
  3. On the very top left of the page, next to the AmazonSmile logo, are three horizontal bars. Click there for the drop-down menu.
  4. Scroll ALL the way down to “Your AmazonSmile”; it should be the last option right before “Sign Out”; Click on “Your AmazonSmile”
  5. On the right side of the page, click on the “change charity” box under Your current charity (Note: If you are currently supporting another charity, that’s awesome! These instructions are for those who are not doing so. Also, if you have not previously selected a charity, your default option will be St. Judge Children’s Research Hospital.)
  6. Type in Community Service Fund of the Rotary Club of Colorado Springs; click Select
  7. That’s it. You’re all set. Just remember to go to when you shop from now on.
*Originally written by Past President Caryn Adams
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