"Ignite Your Personal Brand Leadership"
May 27, 2022
Suzanne Tulien
"Ignite Your Personal Brand Leadership"

Today, when others choose to work with you, they are ‘buying into’ YOU, not your title. They are buying into your “Why,” your philosophy, your confidence, your demeanor, and the ‘chemistry’ you create doing what you do. Your personal leadership brand is unique, as unique as your own DNA, and when you uncover even just a few of these core elements that make you, YOU – you can begin to leverage your Personal Brand Presence and step fully into your potential and lead with authentic impact. Join us for this quick, interactive presentation.

Suzanne Tulien co-founded the Global Institute for Inspiration and helped create the "Most Inspiring Companies Report" since taken over by Forbes.com.  As an international speaker and certified trainer, she thrives in front of live audiences and in virtual environments teaching her step-by-step brand elevation processes.
As the author of "The 6 Myths of Small Business Branding" and co-author of "Brand DNA; Uncover Your Organization's Genetic Code to Competitive Advantage," also published in China, and her newest book; "Personal Brand Clarity, Identify, Define and Align to What You Want to Be Known For," she is helping to pave the transformational highway to grow by conscious, strategic design; not by DEFAULT!