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Apr 26, 2019
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May 03, 2019
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May 24, 2019
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Global Grant Scholar - Kailee Ross
                 Kailee Ross
Our club was notified today of the award of a $40,000 Global Grant Scholarship to Kailee Ross.  Kailee is the niece of Denise (Ross) and Charlie Brown of our club.  She graduated from Ball State University and is currently studying in Athens, Greece, on a Fulbright Scholarship.  The Global Grant Scholarship was awarded for study for a Professional Graduate Diploma in Education (PDGE) in Primary Education with study at the University of Dundee, Scotland starting in August of this year.  
Our rotary club is the International Club for the scholarship and Dundee Claverhouse R/C is the Host Club.  The Rotary Foundation does not require financial support from either club.  Global Grant Scholarships are for international study at the graduate level for a one year term with a minimum award of $30,000.  Half of the funds are provided by District 5470 with the remainder matched by the Rotary Foundation.
District 5470 had four applicants for this year's scholarship award.  They each submitted written applications and were then interviewed via an online video system by the district scholarship committee in November.  Our candidates were in Colorado Springs, Vietnam, China, and Greece -- all American applicants.  Kailee was selected as this year's choice for submission to the Rotary Foundation for review and award.  Once Kailee was selected by the district committee, she applied to the University of Dundee who reviewed her credentials and invited her to participate in a Skype interview. She received her letter of acceptance from Dundee last week.
Kailee is our club's fourth Global Grant Scholar starting in 2013 -- Benjamin Jourdan, studied at University of Capetown and is currently working in Capetown; Jourdan McGinn, studied at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and is currently working in the medical field in Sierra Leone; and, Emily Hoover, studied at Cambridge University, England, and is a teacher in School District 2.  Including Kailee's scholarship, this totals $130,000 in Rotary Foundation scholarship awards through our club.
These are your Rotary Foundation contributions doing good in the world!
Poem for Teachers
A poem by Rotarian Dr. Michael Thomas, Superintendent of School District 11, and read by him at the Diamond Award presentations made on March 22, 2019:
 “Answering the Call”
You answered the call to lead
No one said it would be easy
Seemingly alone
You ask yourself "Why"
Was it for the power or prestige
Certainly it is not that which sustains you!
Rather, it is the inner strength of servitude
That is only derived from 
Witnessing the learning that occurs
With students each day
It is clear that you are called to a role with purpose
That is beautifully aligned to outcomes
Far greater than a bi-weekly paycheck
It is when a student says 
"I wish I had a mom or dad like you"
"I wish I had a friend like you"
"It is only because of you!"
Then it is affirmed...job well done
You answered the call to lead
No one said it would be easy
Words do not come close
To capturing the lived experience
Of being an educator
The multitude of unsolicited demands
The average 14 hour days
The recognition of others' needs over yours 
Is common place
Let us recognize the important role you play
In shaping the future of tomorrow
Let us uphold you and say
"It is only because of you!"
Let us pause in your greatness
That as an educator, you are changing the world
You answered the call to lead
No one said it would be easy
And we thank you for answering!
 By: Michael J. Thomas, October 2013
For Teacher's Appreciation Week
Camp Shady Brook YMCA Cleanup
Rampart Range Rotary Club is having a cleanup/work day on April 6 at 9:00 to 1:00 with a Continental Breakfast before and BBQ after.  If you are interested in lending a hand, please contact Tom Tudor at
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