President-Elect Caryn Adams announced the report of the nominating committee for Board of Directors for 2019-20 at the November 16th meeting.  Will be voted on at club meeting on this Friday, December 7th. There is a provision in the by-laws (available on the club webpage) to allow for nomination of someone for a position by any member rather than from the committee.  These, in-writing, nominations would have been due NLT November 23, 2018.  As there were no additional nominations from the club and only one nominee has been presented for each position,  our election meeting on Friday will be very short, per the By-Laws
Section 7.4.  Election.  The membership shall elect the Officers and the new Directors for the upcoming year at its Annual Meeting. 
If at the time of the election, only one nominee is standing for a given vacancy, the President shall declare that the nominee duly elected to that position.  A vote by secret printed ballot shall take place when the number of nominees for any given position exceeds the number of vacancies for that position.
Section 7.3.  Nomination by Others.  Within seven days following the presentation of the report of the Nominating Committee, any Member may nominate any other Member of the Club in good financial standing to any vacancy which may exist for the up-coming fiscal year.  Such nomination must be in writing, shall include a statement signed by the nominee of his or her willingness to serve, must be countersigned by five other Members of the Club, and shall specify the position for which the nominee is to be a candidate.  Such nomination must be delivered to the President not later than 7 days following the presentation of the report by the Nominating Committee.
President-Elect Nominee -- Rodney Gullatte
Secretary -- Jeff Ahrendsen
Treasurer -- Kris Medina
Community Service -- Ian Glassford
International -- Bill Rhea
Public Relations -- Terri Cain
Membership -- Holly Flores
Club Administration -- Kay Rendleman
Service Fund -- Kent Palmer
Rotary Foundation -- Tom Nelson
Youth Services -- Carol Bach
Fundraising -- TBD
Programs -- Ron Rubin & Craig Engelage