"Battling Bipolar Disorder - My Brain’s Invisible War"
Mar 19, 2021 12:15 PM
Maj. Gen. Gregg F. Martin, PhD, US Army (Retired)
"Battling Bipolar Disorder - My Brain’s Invisible War"

Maj. Gen. Martin wishes to raise awareness about bipolar disorder and brain health in general.  

His latent genetic predisposition for bipolar disorder was triggered by the intense stress of combat in Iraq; manic insanity, hopeless depression and terrifying delusions nearly ruined his career, marriage, family, health and life.

He is a Bipolar Survivor; our program will be his story!

His forthcoming book will tell his story in depth and in detail.  Its contents will include deep examinations of his Army experience, family, religious faith, and bipolar disorder—all of which are interconnected and inseparable.  The book will also seek to give hope, encouragement and wisdom from a combat veteran whose toughest battles were not with enemy combatants, but with the vicious, grueling and destructive effects of bipolar disorder.  His goal is to better inform Rotarians about what bipolar disorder is, how it manifests itself, spread bipolar awareness, and help abolish the stigma surrounding mental health and illness.

You can also watch the short 7-minute Youtube video entitled:  "Bipolar disorder (depression & mania) - causes, symptoms, treatment & pathology”…


In the pages of the attached PDF, you will find a précis, his book’s table of contents, its introduction by General Martin Dempsey (the 18th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff), prologue and a biographical sketch of the author, a few summaries of my story of varying length for sharing purposes, some “Advanced Praise” for his coming book: “Battling Bipolar Disorder – My Brain’s Invisible War.”  He has given us peremission to post this and for us to read more about his story.