"Global Poverty - The Borgen Project"
Dec 11, 2020
Rae Ortal
"Global Poverty - The Borgen Project"

Regev (Rae) Ortal is a university student majoring in Political Science at Tel Aviv University, Israel. She served in the International Cooperation Unit of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) which is responsible for communications with UN Peacekeeping forces on the Israeli borders. Recently she’s been working on monitoring government effectivity in Israel through Citizens Empowerment Center (CECI) and she’s currently interning at the Borgen Project, a national advocacy organization campaigning to prioritize global poverty in US foreign policy.

This year will be the first with a rise in extreme poverty since 1998. In this presentation she’ll discuss the international efforts to fight poverty, the recent setbacks, and the American position.

Check out this webpage for information about the Borgen Project...