"Presentation of Diamond Awards to D-11 High Schools"
Sep 18, 2020
Cass Daley & Jody Richie
"Presentation of Diamond Awards to D-11 High Schools"

For the last 20 years, the CS Rotary Club funds and performs the Diamond Award Program. A Committee is created of volunteers from the Rotary Club. The High Schools of D-11 are requested to initiate the Program in the Fall. During this time, the Students are encouraged to nominate a Teacher to be considered for this award and recognition. The nominations can be made until the Christmas break. After this time, the DA Committee evaluates the nominations and makes selection recommendation for each High School, plus a Special Impact Award for individuals and Teachers that are recommended by the Principals and Assistant Principals from each High Schools.

Because of the shutdown associated with the Coronavirus, the award ceremony at our Rotary Luncheon was rescheduled from Mar/Apr to September.