The recipients for this recognition were chosen based on extraordinary service to the Rotary Club of Colorado Springs, the Rotary District 5470, or to the community of Colorado Springs, the State of Colorado or the United States, in such a manner that brings substantial credit to the Rotary Club of Colorado Springs.  Awarded in June each year, these Rotarians demonstrate service above self in action!
1986    Carl P. Donner, II
1987    William D. Sinclair
1988    Harlan L. Ochs
1989    Ronald V. Rubin
1990    Gen. Kenneth Curtis
1991    A. Curt Ormond, II
1992    James A. Mundt
1993    Hugh Funkhouser, Jr.
1994    James Flack
1995    Floyd C. Ethridge
1996    Nelson A. Rieger
1997    Ross Harrop
1998    Robert G. Baker, Jr.
1999    Joseph Henjum
2000    Mary Jean Larson
2001    Dorothy J. Donley
2002    Craig E. Whitney
2003    John E. Cunning, M.D.
2004    Robert L. Elliott
2005    Elaine Gibbs
2006    Warren H. Hill
2007    William R. Kettles
2008    Ronald V. Chernak
2009    Teri Kreps
2010    Matt Otten
2011    Charlie Brown
2012    Tony Cerato
2013    Carol Bach
2014    Jason Aguilar
2015    Ronald V. Rubin
2016    Judith Casey
2017    Laura Nonte
2018    Annie and Vance Valades
2019    Randy Stiles
2020    Jody Richie and Kay Rendleman
2021    Samantha Chapman
Back in the old days, our Club had a "Little Black Book."  Yes, it was a directory of all our members and there it was a small, three-ring binder with a page for each Rotarian.  Carl Donner joined our Club in January 1994 shortly after moving here from Denver and became very involved with our major fundraising event, "The Artists of the West."  Many still have a posters in their homes and offices that were used to promote this community-wide effort.  His involvement in our Club was listed on his page.  Many described him as a good guy, gracious, caring, kind and a true gentleman.
He was our first recipient of the Rotarian of the Year for his extraordinary service to our Club AND our community.  He and his wife Marjo died before 2019 came to a close. 
His page is posted here as a reminder of his service above self.