Getting Our Club Members Engaged
Perfect engagement is a hallmark of a healthy and vibrant Rotary Club.
Perfect engagement is a hallmark of a healthy and vibrant Rotary Club. Engaging our members means every Rotarian is contributing time and talent to projects that interest the individual and supports club goals. Rotary recognizes five Avenues of Service, and ideally, members will contribute in three or more of these five areas.

 Club Engagement

The first step to engagement is to find out what interests a member. What are their passions? Talents? Time availability? Then the member’s sponsor, mentor or club leader can direct the member to an activity that will interest the member and benefit the club and new member.
Examples of activities in the five Avenues of Service include:

Putting our "Passion into Action"

Club Service
  • Club programs
  • Public image
  • Membership Development
  • Officers—president, secretary, treasurer, Sergent at Arms
  • Newsletter
  • Member support
  • Greeters
  • Learning about Rotary-District Assemblies
  • Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI)
  • Learning Center on MyRotary
  • Social events Coordinator

Club Service Projects

Vocational Service
  • Member presentations to the club about their business
  • Ethics presentations & activities
  • Career days at a high school and Middle School
  • Business networking events

Vocational Service Projects

Community Service Projects
  • Any program addressing the needs of the local community, including:
  • Literacy
  • Food insecurities
  • Community development
  • Helping local Veterans
  • Scholarships for students
Our Community Service Projects
International Service
  • Service in partnership with organizations and Rotary clubs in other countries
  • Rotary Friendship Exchange
  • Host family for a Rotary Fellow or Youth Exchange student
  • Global grant Projects
  • Global Scholarship program
  • Humanitarian Missions
  • The Asha Project -Nepal

International Service Projects

Youth Service
  • Community Corp
  • Somerville HIgh School , Monroe and Pingry school Interact clubs support
  • RVCC Rotaract Club support
  • Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)
  • Rotary Youth Exchange

Youth Service

 Having all our members involved we can make the club a Perfectly Engaged Club.  Any new members interested in serving any of these committees, please contact club president.  Thank you.